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Activate Your Kundalini Energy

Expand your consciousness | Open your heart | Come home to your True self 

In-person & online Kundalini activations in Montreal, Canada & worldwide

This is a Journey of Surrender

a ceremonial healing experience activating your Kundalini energy & connecting you back to who you Truly are

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A 3 week online exploration from March 13 – April 3, 2024 to awaken your relationship with the Divine Mother, activate your Prana-Kundalini life force & live in LOVE in your every day

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Your Beginning Starts


Kundalini Codes Activation is a part of the Kundalini Codes methodology​

A Kundalini awakening process is often separated into a right hand (Masculine) and left hand (Feminine) path. 

In the Kundalini Codes methodology, we integrate both paths for a lasting sacred union within. 

The Right Hand Path

 is focused on discipline & self-direction involving practices like yoga, breathwork & deep meditation 

We integrate this in the form of Kundalini Codes Embodiment (KCE)– which builds upon traditional Kundalini Yoga teachings & infuses Polyvagal Theory informed embodiment & breathwork practices to cultivate inner safety & support heart opening. 


is all about surrendering to Receive a transmission of life-force & a resonance of Prana-Shakti Kundalini energy that naturally opens up your innate Kundalini Shakti like a tuning fork. 

This is the core of Kundalini Codes Energy Activation – which builds upon the Inner Dance founded by Pi Villaraza & weaves in healing frequencies of the Divine Mother Sophia  consciousness & Light Language of the Rose Lineage. 

All you have to do is lay down, listen to a brainwave shifting playlist & relax. Your Kundalini life-force organically awakens to the degree of what you’re ready for. 

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