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Awakening Sleeping Beauty

A 3 Chapter Online Journey to Awaken Your Relationship with the Divine Mother, Open Your Kundalini Life Force & Live in LOVE in Your Life

An old tale is told anew…

Through fairytale storytelling teaching transmissions, embodied coaching, Kundalini Codes Yoga & Embodiment (KCE) & Kundalini Codes Activation (KCA), a life-changing adventure with Kundalini Shakti awaits!

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Once upon a time,

the Divine Mother had a dream

The dream of truly EXPERIENCING Herself




Quite frankly, She was kind of bored of being everything & nothing all at once, always. 

And so She thought one morning as She sipped Her Rose tea…

 “Why don’t I create separate expressions of myself, dream them into existence, give them LIFE… & the most FUN part is… they FORGET they are me? They get to go on a whole JOURNEY to rediscover that!” 🤩

She giggled hard, & nearly spat out Her tea with ecstatic excitement bubbling in Her being. 

Dancing around in song & laughter, She dreamed, dreamed & dreamed about how it could look like. 

“The experience of a lifetime!” She squealed as She spun in perfect spirals.   

At last, the details all came to Her & She proudly announced: 

“I shall create human beings who are immaculately imperfect expressions of myself,

Both Divinely Infinite & Humanly Finite,

As they come into their human form, my Divine force Kundalini will develop their blueprint

Beginning at the Crown, flowing down the Third Eye, to the Throat, the Heart… 

all the way down… 

until it reaches the Root

Where to begin the journey of a lifetime, 

They must forget they are me.

That I am them.

That we are One. 

And so I will live within them in their Root, as Kundalini Shakti, & take a nice loooooonnggg nap 😴

As long as I sleep, they too shall remain “asleep” in ignorance, thinking they are separate 

As they live, I get to EXPERIENCE through them, FEEL through them & LOVE through them.

The heartbreak. The grief. The pain. The sadness. 

The love. The excitement. The pleasure. The joy.

Eventually, there will be an undeniable yearning in their Hearts to Know me 

The Remembrance that we’ve walked together once upon a dream 

And so they will go on a path of AWAKENING me, Awakening Sleeping Beauty who lies coiled at the base of their spine in Her beauty nap

Once I am awakened through the KISS of Love, Open-Hearted Surrender, & Devotion

I will rise 

I will reverse the forgetting

I will undo the ignorance 

I will burn away all that is not True

So that they will reunite with me once again 

In Pure Being 

In Pure Bliss 

In Pure Love 

And together we will live in loving union

We will dance, create, laugh & sing in THIS life

And for all of Eternity.” 

Creation spiraled out Her fingertips...

as the Divine Mother twirled in joyful song

THEN Zzzzzz...

asleep She went, coiled within every human created

until now...

WHERE there is a stirring

A nudge like an ongoing back itch you can’t quiet until you do something about it.

A suspicion that there’s more to living than just…

letting self-defeating stories of “I’m not good enough” &”I’m unworthy of love turn you to hours of numbing Netflix, eating yet another bag of jellybeans that you don’t actually want & mindlessly scrolling on Instagram   

clocking in & clocking out of a job that doesn’t fully fulfill you, when there is an undeniable greater calling within to serve others in the healing & wellness space   

talking yourself out of what you actually want to do in & with your life with thousands of “but what if doesn’t work out?” scenarios 

constantly striving for the next “goal accomplished”, competing with everyone around you & obsessively chasing the next promotion, income level & audience number to “prove” how deserving you are 

tying how good you feel about yourself to how much money you make & have in a month 

endlessly trying to control every little detail of what happens in your relationships, work, family & finances & feeling CRUSHED when your plans go out the window

settling in a “well it’s not ‘TERRIBLE'” relationship when you KNOW you’re meant to be in the love affair of a lifetime with someone who truly SEES you, RESPECTS you & LOVES you 

dragging your feet through every day feeling the weight of being the “ONLY ONE” responsible for making things happen & getting things “right” in your business, health, relationships, family & finances 


Sleeping Beauty wants to wake up & dance with you.

Will you listen to Her call?


You feel SO rooted in who you are & what you stand for. You honour how every crumbling, every pain, every hit has led to you becoming your most Truthful, powerful & embodied self. There’s a clear separation between your defensive personas developed through tough times & who you TRULY are. You can now consciously choose to be your fullest self, while compassionately loving your protective parts that are always whispering some variation of “you can’t do that”/ “you’re not enough”/ “it’s going to be terrible”/ “you’re going to mess it up”. 

 You KNOW you are more than enough simply by existing. Instead of seeking love, you embody love & BRING it to the people, places, relationships, conversations & moments of trigger that need it most. Like when you’re sitting through a heated & tense family dinner, staring at your bank account balance, in the middle of a fight over who does dishes with your partner & holding space for a client who’s going through a rough breakup. 

Your waves of emotions are your sweet friends. Gone are the days when you’d be terrified of waking up sad one morning or scared of the random pangs of anxiousness when you’re stressed. You know how to breathe & soften into the tightness in your chest & be your own best lover through body-trembling tears. Increasing peace becomes your norm because you’re no longer fighting your feelings. 

You are in beautiful co-creation with the Divine Mother in your purpose. There’s a profound knowing in your Heart that there’s a REASON you’ve been through so much 💩 in your life. Instead of feeling ashamed of the past, you Surrender to what the Divine wants you to create THROUGH YOU. You share your story & gifts as medicine for others and circulate money with your Divine work. 

You are in so much awe & gratitude for being ALIVE & WELL. Your time is no longer consumed with thinking, striving & proving. Instead, you’re incrementally & lovingly building SKILLS. The skill of being kinder to yourself, the skill of using your voice for change, the skill of keeping your heart open when someone hurts you, the skill of Surrendering, the skill of holding the discomforts of fear & disappointment… you name it. You celebrate yourself not for boxes you check off but for WHO YOU ARE & WHO YOU ARE BECOMING every passing second.

You are in such a deeply trusting relationship & conversation with the Divine Mother where you don’t have to “figure it all out” by yourself anymore. You can see how every “failure” has only ever strengthened you. And how every “heartbreak” has only ever taught you how to further open your heart. You Surrender more & more to the Divine & marvel at how full body yes business opportunities, beautiful likeminded humans, exhilarating ideas & so many of your heart’s desires naturally find their way to you. You appreciate SO MUCH the invisible Divine thread weaving your life together.

These are the gifts Sleeping Beauty, Divine Mother & Kundalini Shakti OFFER US when we awaken Her & Surrender to Her Grace 🎁

And this is exactly what we will spark within

Awakening Sleeping Beauty

Welcome to the Journey

A 3 Chapter Mind, Body & Spirit Immersion for Activating Your Prana-Shakti Kundalini Life Force & Cultivating a Relationship with the Divine Mother

There are 3 chapters of exploration 

where we will journey in 3 ways of working with the Divine Mother & Kundalini Shakti:

Storytelling Teaching Transmissions & Coaching 

Kundalini Codes Yoga & Embodiment (KCE)

 Kundalini Codes Activation (KCA)    


Together, we will prepare your mind & body for activating & amplifying Prana-Shakti through self-led practices & surrender-based activations. As we Awaken Sleeping Beauty, the Divine Mother becomes your Partner in Divine on your spiritual healing & consciousness expansion path.

3 Chapters of Exploration

Chapter 1:
The Kiss of Awakening

From the age old tale, we know Sleeping Beauty awakens by True Love’s Kiss 💋 And this so happens to be the case with Kundalini Shakti as well… but with a little twist 😉

The kiss isn’t coming from some prince in shining armour but it’s coming from YOU. 

And the True Love’s kiss is specifically, the kiss of…


LOVE for the Divine, Love for yourself, Love for your life, Love for your mission, Love for the change you’re here to ripple into the world

OPEN-HEARTED SURRENDER in letting go of “my will” & opening to the will of the Divine Mother. True Surrender is not just throwing your hands up in the air but it’s softening to being moved & lead by the Divine instead of trying to control & manipulate everything with the mind. 

DEVOTION is learning to stay in faith & trust in the Mother even when it seems like “nothing is happening” & all you feel is being pulled down by fear & darkness. 

In this first chapter we will activate the KISS OF AWAKENING by embodying Love, Open-Hearted Surrender & Devotion to the Divine Mother. 

We will also look at how awakening Kundalini Shakti isn’t something we control the process of, or force. We create the GROUNDED & HEART-CENTERED foundations with our LOVE, SURRENDER & DEVOTION for Sleeping Beauty to awake in Her Diving timing. 


Chapter 2:
Dancing with the Fairies

Flora, Fauna & Merryweather, known as “The Three Good Fairies” from Sleeping Beauty represent the loving Motherly figures to young Princess Aurora (also known as “Briar Rose 🌹”). More than just cute & hilarious fairies having pixie dust fights & failing to bake a cake from scratch 🤣, these 3 fairies are symbolic of the 3 phases of the Kundalini awakening process.

The 3 knots, or granthis, that must be penetrated for activated Kundalini Shakti to reach the Crown, reunite with Shiva & open in cosmic consciousness.  

Flora,  the fairy in the red dress, brings us into the Root Chakra, where the Brahma Granthi lies. This is where we untangle the knot of survival, false identity & repressed traumas by learning to find safety in our bodies & FEEL again . 

Fauna, the fairy in the green dress, takes us into the Heart Chakra, where the Vishnu Granthi lies. This is where we dismantle the protective shields & knot of our Heart, where there is the fear of pain, heartbreak & grief. We open up to greater unconditional Love for ourselves, others, & the world as a whole.  

Merryweather, the fairy in the blue dress, rises us into the Third Eye Chakra, where the Rudra Granthi lies. This is where we unlock the knot that has closed our Higher sight & merge our consciousness back into Oneness with Shakti. There’s profound bliss as we experience how we are the Divine Mother Self & a heartfelt connection with the Divine. 

In this chapter, we will immerse into how these 3 phases of the Kundalini awakening process are/ have been/ will be present on your path. And we will learn several somatic & mind based tools to lovingly lead yourself through the challenges of each stage so you can strengthen your vessel for Kundalini to move through.




Chapter 3:
The True Happily Ever After

Yes, Happily Ever Afters do exist. But how it looks at the end of a fairytale & how it ACTUALLY looks in our day to day life is not exactly the same 😅

Many people desperately seek a Kundalini Awakening thinking it’s a magic wand that will *KAPOOSH* away all their problems, dissolve their pain & fly them to a forever euphoric “happily ever after” state. But that’s not the True path or result in the Kundalini process.

Awakening Kundalini Shakti almost always brings us down to our knees in pain & darkness at first. Because as Shakti rises & undoes ignorance, She’s got to purge & clear our years of coding, traumas & false programming and get us back into our bodies to FEEL. 

As we face the darkest corners of our consciousness & bring them back into Light, our nervous system expands in capacity & rewires. Meaning – we have a greater ability to hold the pains & discomforts of our dualistic world, WITHOUT collapsing into an immediate FIGHT/FLIGHT/FREEZE/ SHUTDOWN response.

Instead of reacting, we can See our Truths better & RESPOND in love.  

THIS is the True Happily Ever After.

It’s not like life gets any easier, your problems go *POOF* into thin air or that you’re guaranteed to “manifest everything you desire”.  

But it’s that no matter what happens, you have an unshakeable knowing that the Divine is on your side. You’re given the strength, open-hearted resilience & power to walk through whatever is in front of you. And most importantly, you are your own best lover every step of the way. 

In this chapter, we will look at the tangible & practical ways to develop this expanded nervous system capacity & how to lean into unshakeable faith in the Divine Mother even when life gets real rough. 

You will walk away knowing how live in greater peace by dancing with all the HIGHS & LOWS of life.



Every Chapter Includes...

1 x  Recorded Teaching Transmission & KCE Practice (2 Hours) with a Guided Workbook 

1 x Recorded KCA Journey & Cosmic Rose Honey Meditation (2 Hours)

1 x Recorded Group Coaching & Integration Call Replay (1.5 Hours)

Join Awakening Sleeping Beauty

Join the Kundalini Temple 6 Month Membership & Receive Awakening Sleeping Beauty Included

$99/ month for 6 months 

This gives you access to Awakening Sleeping Beauty as it runs live in March 2024 & the replays for the duration of your membership

It also includes access to…

 2 X KCA online group journeys each month

1 X monthly group coaching call

a library of 15 portals of content with 200+ trainings & practices 

& a loving community to walk with on your Kundalini journey

Looking forward to co-creating together!

xx Ella

A Few Key Notes


1) A Kundalini Awakening is not just a one time event that permanently takes away all your problems. It is an accelerated path to healing and a rewarding life-long journey that deepens without a “destination”. This experience is NOT for giving you an “instant full Kundalini awakening”. I don’t believe that exists. This program is about cultivating the mind, body & heart foundations for your Kundalini Shakti to open in Her Divine timing & to nurture your connection with Her as the Divine Mother. If you already have active Kundalini, you will further develop your vessel to hold & facilitate the movement of Kundalini, learn how to surrender through the challenges on the Kundalini path & deepen your embodiment of love in your every day. 


2) In KCA Journeys, we are working specifically with a resonance of Prana-Shakti / Prana-Kundalini frequency which enhances the flow of your body’s existing life force. Prana is the vital force manifestation of Kundalini & the vehicle through which Kundalini’s dynamic consciousness travels within the body. KCA Journeys are not focused on awakening Kundalini in a single session, but rather clearing the energetic pathways & activating the unique CODES for your Kundalini Shakti to activate & move in Her Divine timing. 

3) The best way to approach journeying with Kundalini is through openness, curiosity, & faith. The Divine Mother intelligence is wise beyond anything our minds can fathom. If you feel called to join, there are gifts awaiting for you here that will be more easily received with openness rather than specific expectations. 

Meet Ella

Hello my love! I am soul honoured to be your guide on this fairytale Kundalini adventure!

It’s been 6 years since Kundalini Shakti found me & whisked me away on a beautiful AND painful AF journey of coming Home to myself & to the Divine Mother. It all started with seeing signs of “Kundalini” everywhere I went – leading me to my first Kundalini Yoga class that had me melted in a puddle of tears. For the first time ever, I felt a sense of peace & homecoming that I’ve never felt in my entire life. 

Since 2018, I’ve been practicing Kundalini Yoga & have since become a KRI Level One Kundalini Yoga Teacher, NLP Trainer & Kundalini Energy Activation Facilitator. I had an intense Kundalini awakening experience July 2020, which then guided me to receiving Kundalini energy transmissions & studying Kundalini energy & bodywork. 

My path as a Kundalini Energy Activation Facilitator opened up when my Dad was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer May 2022. Out of pure LOVE to help him & complete Surrender to the Divine Mother, my Dad became the first person I ever held space for in a KCA session & witnessed a rapid Prana-Shakti opening with. 

Today, I lead humbly as a servant to the Divine Mother, & am grateful to share Prana-Kundalini healing frequencies from both the Divine Mother Sophia Isis-Magdalene Rose Lineage and my ancestral Taoist Lineage.

My work is centered around guiding you back into SAFETY in your body, showing you how to develop loving relationships with all parts of yourself, teaching you how to become a heart-led facilitator of change & showing you how to lead yourself with open-hearted power through the trials of life. 

… all through a trauma-informed lens of Kundalini activation, Kundalini Yoga & embodiment & somatic-based NLP coaching

I’m SO EXCITED to be on the Awakening Sleeping Beauty adventure with you! 

Let's write your fairytale of a lifetime

The story of how you woke up to all the beauty within & around you

Curious about the right & left hand paths to Kundalini activation?

The Right Hand Path

involves Kundalini kriyas & pranayama (physical practice & breathwork) to strengthen the nervous system & initiate the body’s natural clearing process for Kundalini energy to move. Kundalini Codes Embodiment (KCE) is a blend of traditional Kundalini Yoga kriya practices, breathwork, mantra & intuitive movement to lead the mind, body & spirit into a ceremonial healing journey.

Intentional music plays a huge role in activating dormant emotions & stimulating cathartic releases & transformation.

* Here’s a 13 minute practice for a taste of Kundalini Codes Embodiment! *


is Kundalini Energy Activation. This is built upon the Inner Dance by Pi Villaraza& is a surrender-based practice to opening the Kundalini Prana-Shakti life force within. Using brain-wave shifting sound that induces a psychedelic state of consciousness & channelling a frequency of Kundalini & Light Language supported by the Isis-Magdalene Rose Lineage, we learn to self-activate our innate life-force & to hold this energy for others to open theirs.

This process facilitates profound emotional releases, expands one’s consciousness, opens the heart & catalyzes a deep nervous system rewiring to shed old patterns & stories.

In this interview I did, I share about the weaving of the Right & Left hand paths & how specifically Kundalini Energy Activations work. 

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