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Ella channeling Light Language codes with a flower crown on

Light Language Codes: How to Channel Light Language with Kundalini Activation

Oh how exciting it is that you’ve been guided to learn more about channeling Light Language Codes. And

Kundalini Activation: The Ultimate Guide for Activating Kundalini

Activating Kundalini energy is a hot topic these days in the spiritual & healing space – & for
How Kundalini Activation Healed My Trauma

How Kundalini Activation Healed My Trauma & Changed My Life

If you’re wondering how Kundalini activation can help with trauma healing, I want to tell you a story…

Kundalini Activation Training: What I Love About Ours

If you’re looking to become a Kundalini activation facilitator & are browsing through different options, I want to

Resistance Is An Invitation to Surrender

Surrendering begins with becoming aware of who we are to ourselves in resistance. Let me explain ⬇️ It

Kundalini Activation Is NOT the Sole Aim of a Kundalini Activation Journey

It’s important to note that activating our Kundalini energy is not the end all be all aim of

Creating a Space to Surrender in a Kundalini Activation Journey

For many people going into a Kundalini activation experience, surrendering is not as easy as hearing “just surrender” &

What Happens During a Kundalini Activation Journey?

A Kundalini Codes Activation Journey is an inward journey that invites you to drop into your body, relax,