Light Language Codes: How to Channel Light Language with Kundalini Activation

Ella channeling Light Language codes with a flower crown on

Oh how exciting it is that you’ve been guided to learn more about channeling Light Language Codes. And perhaps specifically curious about how Light Language Codes & Kundalini Activation are related on the path of spiritual healing & consciousness expansion.

Ready to get nerdy together? ๐Ÿค“โค๏ธ

My Light Language channel opened up first in June 2020 after a DEEP psychedelic healing ceremony. The first time Light Language Codes started streaming through my mouth, my heart pounded & my eyes enlarged, “WHAT WAS THAT?!” I gasped.

Although I could FEEL the beautiful healing stream of energy coming through me and expressing as Light Language sounds, my mind was rightfully TERRIFIED.

“People are going to think I am NUTS!” I grumbled.

That didn’t stop me from recording some short Light Language transmissions in secret, but I didn’t let anyone actually hear me speak Light Language until 2 years later in 2022.

So if you are new & curious to Light Language, whether you have received it and felt a resonance, OR you have been noticing Light Language coming through you & you’re wondering “What on earth is happening AND also why does this feel like HOME?! ๐Ÿฅน“, you are in the right place!

In this Light Language & Kundalini Activation mini guide, I want to take you on a journey into 3 main topics:

  1. How Kundalini Activation experiences help you in opening your Light Language channel
  2. How to start activating your Light Language channel
  3. How Light Language facilitates the activation of Kundalini Shakti within an individual

So first things first, let’s look at what is Light Language & what are Light Language codes. Light Language is a healing & activating energetic transmission, that is a vibrational & multidimensional form of communication. It is often expressed through sounds (ie. hissing, whistling, singing, toning, clicking, speaking in foreign sounding dialects etc), symbols (ie. lines, dots, circles & often resembling sacred geometry), body movements & gestures (ie. mudras, full body dancing etc) and written forms – these are the Light Language Codes.

There’s no exact time or widely recognized singular source from which the term “Light Language” was coined. However, this form of energy healing transmission has gained popularity in the late 20th & early 21st centuries as the New Age movement and alternative spirituality grew. It emerged more as a collective evolution of thought and spiritual practice over the past decades.

Light Language is streaming through now more than ever into our planet to help transmute the pains, separations, distortions & forgetting that we live under. When we are engulfed in a pure field of Light, our bodies resonate & calibrate to that – allowing us to Remember our True essence, awaken our dormant DNA & raise our consciousness.

Calling it “Light Language” is a bit paradoxical because although it’s a mode of communication, it is non-linear & doesn’t hold the same “word –> meaning –> interpretation” linear structure as our regular 3D languages do. It’s considered a Soul language that bypasses the conscious mind to speak directly to the Heart & Soul.

What’s happening when Light Language Codes are shared through sound, gesture, symbols or gestures is that there is a stream of Light energy & information being directed at the receiver. This stream of Light energy & information although can be embedded with an intention, is QUANTUM in nature. And so it moves as a wave-like function allowing for Infinite possibilities for interpretation. When the Light energy & information, the Light Language Codes, reach an individual, it interacts with that person’s subtle body, physical body & Higher Self. In that moment, based on where that person is at in their level of consciousness, their level of openness & what best serves them, the Quantum wave-like function of Light energy is collapsed in time & space, & LOCALIZED into a specific “meaning” for that person.

Now this meaning is non-linear, and so it can be a combination of a Soul understanding, a heart opening, a huge epiphany about one’s past traumas, a deep sense of Unconditional Love, a Remembrance of their sovereignty, a reconnection to a past life, extreme bliss & joy… ALL AT ONCE.

The mind cannot consciously understand or linearly translate Light Language. But when we receive Light Language codes, it is a full Heart, Body & Soul experience that the mind then receives the knowing of.

As the one channeling the Light Language, sometimes we could have an understanding of the rough meaning behind the Light Language coming out. Most times I’ve found, it’s more so an overarching FEELING of what wants to be communicated & activated (for example: Remembrance, LOVE, connection to Soul origins, Trust, etc)

Watch this video from my Instagram for a deeper explanation on the non-linear & multidimensional nature of Light Language codes

At the core, Light Language stems from the Divine Source of All-That-Is, our Great Divine Mother. While practically in our experience, there can be a variety of energy sources that we channel Light Language from.

There are Light Languages from our Higher Self, the Divine Mother, ancestral lineages, Galactic Light beings & lineages (ie. the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians, Lyrans etc) Goddesses & Ascended Masters (ie. Goddess Isis, Goddess Hathor, Mary Magdalene), mystical guides (ie. the Sophia Dragons, fairies, etc) & more.

I believe everyone can do Light Language because we’re ALL emanations of the Light. We all have a channel that can connect to the Divine. However, every person is at a different level of openness & readiness at a given point in time.

My ability to express Light Language has always been present, but when I first started in 2020, my trust in & capacity for it was quite low.

We have to see expressing Light Language not just as a “I can do it!” / “I can’t do it” binary experience. But it’s a muscle of trust, faith & surrender that we continuously work & that we’ll grow in comfort & confidence in over time.

The more we practice, the more safe our bodies feel in letting this part of our spiritual gifts be seen. And the safer we feel, the more effortlessly the Light Language flows.

So before we go into the relationship between channeling Light Language & Kundalini Activation, let’s look at what Kundalini Activation is. Kundalini Activation is a modern day term referring to Prana-Shakti/ Prana-Kundalini transmissions. Essentially we are amplifying the Prana-Kundalini life-force clear the pathway for, & stimulate our innate Kundalini Shakti to open in Her Divine Timing.

In Kundalini Codes Activation (KCA), there is NO force activation or awakening of Kundalini Shakti. This is also not a “come have a Kundalini rising in one session” kind of promise. We are creating the grounded conditions through which your body can re-access safety, your innate life force can be enhanced & the innate dormant information your body already has about awakening your Kundalini Shakti can be activated (the “Kundalini Codes”).

The conditions held for you to activate your Kundalini Codes in a Kundalini activation experience are: lay down surrender, brain-wave shifting sound, Light Language & a frequency prana-Kundalini brought into resonance. This is a practice built upon the Inner Dance by Pi Villaraza, & that opens up your connection to the Divine Mother while offering an embodied experience of Grace.

This also further facilitates the flow of prana in the body so when Kundalini Shakti is activated in Her own timing, there is the fuel for Her to move, unwind, purify & expand your body to hold higher states of consciousness.

To learn more about Kundalini Activation, I recommend checking out my other article called The Ultimate Guide to Kundalini Activation

Light Language Codes & Kundalini Activation have a beautiful bi-directional relationship. Meaning – Kundalini activation supports the opening of your Light Language channel & simultaneously, Light Language codes support the awakening of Kundalini Shakti.

Let’s look first at how Kundalini activation supports the opening of your Light Language channel & channelling Light Language codes.

The Truth about Light Language codes is that it’s not something NEW we are learning. It’s a Remembrance of the ancient that already lives within us & an attunement to Higher frequencies of energy. In order for us to Remember & Attune, we must have a strong physical vessel, nervous system safety to BE in the body & FEEL & the energetic capacity to hold Higher frequencies of energy.

Through Kundalini activation experiences, the frequency of Prana-Shakti & the conditions held for the session support your body in physically & emotionally purging. As Prana-Shakti is enhanced in your meridians, it begins to move & meet with areas of energetic knots & densities, usually caused by traumas. There is a powerful clearing of the lower chakras, which gives our consciousness the SPACE to actually move from the mind/ head back into the body.

In Kundalini activation sessions, many people often experience deep past life healings as well. Many of us who feel called to the Kundalini activation & Light Language path in this lifetime, have undoubtedly been doing this kind of work in previous lives as well. And in those previous lives, chances are – it didn’t end quite well for us ๐Ÿ˜… Trust me – as someone who has had VISCERAL past life memories of being drowned for doing spiritual work in past lives, I FEEL YOU if you resonate with this.

So in Kundalini activation experiences, there’s not just a healing for your current life’s imprints & woundings, but also can extend to your past lives as well. What this does in general is create a deeper level of safety within your body, your heart & your Soul right HERE & right NOW, to step into your Light Language & spiritual gifts again.

Many people when they feel stuck with channelling Light Language codes, it’s not because they’re not gifted or that they don’t have the ability. Most times it’s because they feel unsafe in their bodies to be themselves, to feel & to do things that others may judge as “weird” & “out there”. Which is SO VALID. In Kundalini activation sessions, we gradually transmute these fears & and pain in the body that creates the lack of safety. And increasingly, we feel safer to be all of ourselves & trust in the Divine, which opens up our channels drastically.

Another amazing way in which Kundalini activation sessions support you opening your Light Language (hehe especially in Kundalini Codes Activation, KCA), is that there are Light Language codes beamed directly at you during the experience. In my KCA sessions, Light Language comes in A LOT – through my hands, my body, & through the voice. This Light transmission activates the dormant DNA of soul gifts & power inside of you – & can help you accelerate the Remembrance of your unique Light Language dialects & expressions. Through resonance & co-regulation, the more your nervous system is exposed to & receiving Light Language, the easier it becomes for you to energetically calibrate to the idea of channeling Light Language. Essentially when you feel it is safe to receive Light Language & you can FEEL how it is shifting you, you naturally start to feel safer with channelling it too.

As these Light Language Codes dance in the virtual & physical rooms of a KCA session, your mind, body & soul are immersed in a concentrated field of Light frequencies that attune you to channelling Light Language!

Okay so you’re probably feeling SUPER EXCITED now with the idea of activating your Light Language channel & letting some of those Light Codes through! ๐Ÿคฉ At any point of your journey, you can follow these simple 5 steps to start activating your Light Language channel.

Before trying to stream Higher frequency energy through your body from your Crown, it’s super important to ground yourself to make sure you are well supported & anchored. Take a few moments to feel your feet connected with Divine Mother Earth & connected with the Lands that you are on. Visualize tree roots extending from the base of your spine, entering through the Land, the ground & all the way down to the core of Mother Earth. Ask Her for permission to ground & root with Her. You will see that She always says YES! Once grounded, take a few deep breaths as you draw nourishing Earth energy from the core of Divine Mother Earth into your Heart.

In any form of channeling, intention is really key because we are opening ourselves up to A LOT of information & energy sources out there. And not everything is Light & benevolent. After grounding, take a few breaths into your Heart space & feel connected to the love within your Heart. Then declaring out loud: “I choose to open up to interact & connect with the Pure Divine Light & 100% Pure Light Energy Sources & Light Language frequencies only.” Feel that intention expand into your field. You can set a further intention if you want to channel Light Language for a specific purpose, like for opening yourself to more love, reconnecting with your body, expanding your psychic senses etc. You can say a statement like: “I am now opening my channel to receive a transmission for a [INSERT YOUR INTENTION] [ie. deeper level of connection to my body, enhancing my intuition etc.”

This is probably the hardest part, & it’s normal. After you’ve set the intention, tune into what you can feel flowing through your channel & within your body. And as a much as you can, express & let it out WITHOUT second thought. It’s going to sound & feel ridiculous at first. That’s all a part of the process. Let out any tones, hums, whistles, hisses, grunts, squeals, song, harmonizing etc that wants to flow out. Or perhaps you feel the Light energy moving through your body instead & guiding you to make gestures, mudras & dancing expressions. Whatever you can let out within a session, CELEBRATE YOURSELF & give yourself a nice pat on the back! You are already doing it.

Our logical minds mocking us & spewing, “You sound WEIRD & RIDICULOUS” is almost a rite of passage into the Light Language path ๐Ÿคฃ If we’re channeling something that sets off our logical mind’s “norm”, chances are, we’re doing it absolutely RIGHT. We have to understand when our minds mock us, they don’t mean harm. It’s simply parts of ourselves that are afraid of judgment, pain, ridicule & potential ostracization for being different. When our minds get loud, we can welcome in the parts that feel threatened by what we’re doing & let them know, “You are so welcome here!” We don’t need our parts & our mind to be 100% quiet for us to practice. We get to lovingly hold them in their judgment AND continue practicing a little bit at a time.

After receiving the transmission & playing with expressing it however it wants to come through, say a big “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” to the Divine & the energy sources you’ve connected to. Feel the gratitude radiating from your Heart & then close your channel by visualizing the portal connecting the Heavens above to your Crown closing. You can say out loud, “This Light Language session is now complete. Please close any doorways or portals that have been opened. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Mmmm and now for our finale! Closing the loop with how Light Language Codes facilitate the activation of Kundalini Shakti.

Within a KCA (Kundalini Codes Activation) journey, as I mentioned, I LOVE bringing in Light Language codes & frequencies. In my Light Language channeling, I work specifically with energy streams from the Divine Mother Sophia consciousness, Divine Goddess Isis, the Higher Angelic Realms, the High Arcturian Council, the High Pleiadian Council, the Sisterhood of the Rose, the Sophia Dragons & my healed & well ancestors.

Within a Kundalini activation session as these Light Language codes come in through my singing, toning, hissing, speaking and through my body’s mudras & gestures, multiple things are happening that support someone’s Kundalini Shakti in gradually awakening. Here are 4 main things:

Just as Prana-Shakti energy helps to dissolve energetic knots as mentioned above, Light Language Codes can also do the same! I’ve experienced deep guttural, hissing & “uhhh” tones in Light Language to be extremely efficient at supporting myself & clients in shaking through & transmuting energetic knots.

Because everything is essentially made up of sound & vibration, when Light Language code frequencies hit up against the frequencies of our energy densities, there’s a literal penetration & dissolution that happens to energetic “blocks”. This is the same concept of resonance of how when a singer hits the exact frequency of a wine glass in their vocal tone, shatter the glass.

The penetration of energetic knots allows the life force that was previously trapped to free flow again in the body. When this happens, there is more energetic space & capacity for the body to hold the awakening & movement of Kundalini Shakti.

Light Language codes can also specifically amplify the flow of Prana-Shakti inside of the body. I’ve found whistling to be one of those expressions for me that dial up the flow of Prana-Shakti when I’m working with a client or just with myself. As I connect with my Ancestors in this work, it was really fascinating to learn that “Transcendental Whistling” was an ancient Chinese Taoist practice for moving & magnifying Chi! So what I was intuitively channeling actually made a lot of sense even to my Ancestors’ practice!

As Prana-Shakti is increased in flow & circulation in the body, this is a powerful way of shifting our consciousness out of the habitual & merging with the experience of Shakti Bliss. Increased Prana-Shakti is also an initiator of our Kundalini Shakti life force.

For many of us, it’s not our first rodeo of being on the spiritual & Kundalini awakening path. So when we receive particular Light Language that has the intention of activating Soul & cellular memories, it can help us tap back into the embodied experiences that we’ve already cultivated in past lifetimes.

This means the dormant understanding of how to open up the Kundalini life force can come back online & facilitate the Kundalini awakening process.

And finally, Light Language Codes can have such a powerful effect in opening the Heart back up to the stream of unconditional Love from the Divine Mother. I’ve personally felt this MANY times in channeling & receiving Light Language & my clients have shared the same. When our Hearts are open & there is LOVE felt for the Divine & the Mother, this increases our surrender & devotion to the Kundalini awakening process.

Surrender & devotion are 2 key core states that enable us to open up humbly in a relationship with the Divine Mother & gradually open up our Kundalini Shakti. It’s through surrender & devotion with an open heart that we can let go of our control & our will, & allow the Divine Mother, Divine Shakti to lead us in the Highest timeline.

And here’s a video showcasing Light Language Codes in activation during a KCA journey :

Here’s a 12 minute Light Language Codes embedded transmission from a Kundalini Codes Activation (KCA) Journey so you can have an experience of everything we’ve spoken about! Set yourself up in a comfortable space lying down, close your eyes, soften into your body & receive โค๏ธ

Wow! So this brings me to the end of this long and hopefully informative & supportive guide on how to start channeling Light Language Codes & understanding how Kundalini activation can support your Light Language journey, & vice versa ๐Ÿคฉ Light Language is such an instrumental part of my healing practice & I also LOVE guiding people in becoming more embodied in their Light Language channels so that they can share their healing gifts in a larger way.

Below are some ways that you can experience Kundalini Activation & Light Language Codes with me online & in-person. If you have any Qs, you can always send me a DM on Instagram @psimella.

Hope to see you real soon somewhere on the Internet or in-person ๐Ÿคฉ

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