It’s important to note that activating our Kundalini energy is not the end all be all aim of Kundalini activation experiences 🐍

Paradoxical… I know 😅 But let me explain ⬇️

It can be easily misinterpreted that by calling these experiences “Kundalini activation”, the whole point of this practice is just to awaken & activate our Kundalini energy. And once that happens, we are done. 

But that can’t be farther from the Truth. 

YES. We are most definitely creating the conditions through which your Kundalini energy naturally opens in a safe & gradual way that best supports your healing journey. AND, it’s important to note that this isn’t a “goal” that we attach ourselves to.

It’s most certainly NOT something that happens within ONE session.

Every time we show up sessions (& I personally recommend at least 3-5 Kundalini activation sessions when you first start so that your body can deepen surrender), the energy continues to build & compound within you & the effects are also enhanced.

But it’s a process, & one that is entirely in the orchestration of the Divine Mother’s Grace. Meaning – we don’t control the timeline or HOW the energy will open within us. In fact, the more we try to control, the greater the wall we create against pure surrender that actually allows Kundalini Shakti to awaken within us.

AND ALSO, we must remember that the opening of Kundalini energy is just the BEGINNING of a whole other life-changing journey. Although the path is extremely MAGICAL, it’s FAR from being a MAGIC PILL 💊

The Kundalini awakening journey is truly one of the highest liberations we can experience – plus, it is one of the most highly uncomfortable & confronting processes too. The Kundalini awakening process involves unraveling & resolving past traumas, burning away all that is not US (aka our ignorance & sense of separation), shattering the dualistic ways in which we’ve lived our lives, embodying the unconditional Love of the Divine Mother & learning how to fully BE in our bodies which involves FEELING EVERYTHING. 

The Kundalini awakening process is NOT a check box on a bucket list that we can say “Oh yeah, I’ve done that already. What’s NEXT?” 

It is a life-long process that even after we feel the profound manifestations of Kundalini energy on the mental, physical & emotional levels, there’s always another level of expanded consciousness to be invited into. 

So really, the point of Kundalini activation journeys in my opinion isn’t just to activate our Kundalini energy. Activating our Kundalini energy is simply the first step & initiation.

The point of this practice is to continuously immerse ourselves in the Divine Grace of Kundalini Shakti, be in the ongoing practice of Surrender to Her & cultivate an increased ability to Remember our Divinity more than often than we forget ❤️

If you’d like to experience a KCA (Kundalini Codes Activation) journey with me, check out my next in-person & online events here.

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