Thinking about joining a Kundalini Activation Facilitator Training? Perhaps you can relate to this…

I don’t think we *logically decide* to become a Kundalini activation facilitator. 

As cheesy as it sounds, I really believe it’s a path that chooses us (or that we have chosen for ourselves before coming to Earth & forgetting it all 🌎🤣). 

And when you know – you know 🐍

I knew during the second online Kundalini activation session I received in October 2020. 

When in what felt like a moment of complete stillness & nothing, a jolt of energy bursted through from my spine outwards towards my arms.

 I started spontaneously dancing at a speed that my mind couldn’t even comprehend. 

The movements expressed in absolute perfection & precision. 

After that session, I spent the next hour dancing in complete ecstasy in front of my mirror. 

My Soul going like “AYYYY LOOK AT YOU!! 💃🏻, while my mind was still like, “TF is going on here? 🤯😮😨” 

My Kundalini energy had awakened 3 months prior during a psychedelic healing ceremony, so I had already experienced this kind of energetic experience… but not SOBER. 

That night as I laid in my bed smiling at my ceiling, I couldn’t contain the giddiness inside me & what felt like every cell of my body SINGING. 

“I am meant to facilitate THIS kind of energy work.” I exclaimed. 

For the last 3 years, I’ve spent over a THOUSAND hours immersed in receiving, studying, embodying & facilitating Kundalini activation experiences. 

It wasn’t just enough for me to learn how to facilitate. But the GEEK within me wanted to know…

HOW does this work? 

What is the science behind this? 

How can I explain this simply to anyone & have them be open to trying it? 

How does Divine Grace meet the nervous system in making this happen? 

And most importantly, I wanted to understand how this practice supported us in rewiring our autonomic nervous system & healing from trauma.

My inquiry & devotion to finding these answers & practicing them real time has led me to creating the KCA Facilitator Training (Kundalini Codes Activation Facilitator Training) 🌹, where I hold NOTHING BACK in guiding YOU to become an embodied & confident Kundalini activation facilitator. 

Beyond just the energy activation sessions, we explore the functions of the nervous system, the impact of trauma & how Kundalini Yoga & Embodiment creates the body foundation for us to work with Kundalini energy so that you become a comprehensive somatic guide for others’ Kundalini awakening & transformation journeys. 

The feedback from clients who have already been through this program is extraordinary & it’s one of the proudest things I’ve ever created ❤️

We are now open for enrolment, where you can jump into our Spiral 1 Self-Study content (that comes with bi-monthly group support calls). Our Spiral 2 in-person immersion will be happening in Montreal, QC from April 16-21,2024. Check out the details in my bio link & apply 😘 There are 6 spots left for our in-person immersion in April 2024. Come join us! 

If you want to apply for our KCA Facilitator Training & become a Kundalini activation facilitator, click here to apply & let’s chat! ❤️

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