For many people going into a Kundalini activation experience, surrendering is not as easy as hearing “just surrender & going “Oh OK! 🙂

And that’s so understandable. Especially for those who have been forced to be in fight/flight/freeze survival for most of their lives… Surrender literally equates to death in the nervous system. 

THIS is the literal feeling in the body: 😱😱😱

So how do we hold this truth while still supporting people in surrendering in Kundalini activation journeys? This is what we will explore.

As embodied Kundalini activation facilitators, we want to intentionally create cues of safety in our sessions for surrender to happen. This means that we are purposefully creating signals to our participants’ nervous system that it is OK & SAFE for them to let go & surrender.

This is something we explore in great depths inside of the Kundalini Codes Activation (KCA) Facilitator Training

Let’s look at some of these conditions ⬇️

Explaining what the process entails ⚡️

It’s undeniable that the work of Divine Grace can be hard to put into words. And also, there are clear explanations as to why & how the body responds to sound frequencies & energy resonance in a Kundalini activation experience. Spontaneous body movements & emotional expressions can be explained through the lens of energy moving through the nadis, changing brainwave states & the recalibration of the autonomic nervous system which leads to trapped energies being released. I’ve found that by offering a comprehensive overview as to what can potentially happen & what is happening in the body when certain manifestations arise, people feel safer & more at ease to actually surrender.

Creating a community circle in a group session 💖

When we’re in a room with people we don’t know & haven’t spoken to, surrendering can feel difficult. This is why I love facilitating in-person group sessions always in a circle & offering space in the beginning for everyone to share who they are + their journeys & connect with one another. By hearing each others’ voices & feeling each others’ presences, this activates our Ventral Vagal branch of our parasympathetic nervous system. This means that our nervous systems can then relax into safety & be more at ease when it comes to lying down knowing who our neighbours are. This also fortifies our shared group field which allows for a beautiful co-creation among everyone during the session. 

Bringing in embodiment practices that enhance body awareness & safety 💃🏾

When we’re caught up in the mind thinking, not only are we disconnected from the body but we are usually also more activated in a Sympathetic nervous system state (aka fight/ flight / freeze). This is why weaving in embodiment practices like Kundalini Codes Yoga & Embodiment can support people in grounding, dropping their awareness from the head into the heart & shifting more into a relaxed parasympathetic nervous system state – all of which support surrender. For example, I love guiding a short embodiment sequence with grounding, shaking & loving self-touch AND a Kundalini pranyama meditation before asking people to lie down. 

Letting people know they can’t do it wrong ❤️

The thought of potentially “doing it wrong” pulls us out of surrender. Which is why it’s really important to emphasize in the beginning of a session that there’s no way someone can do something wrong / mess up the process. I love explaining how the microcosm ties to macrocosm here. Letting people know that even if they meet with loud thoughts, resistance & a mind wondering what’s for dinner – THAT too is part of the medicine & what they are guided to practice surrendering into. Every single time we feel disconnected during the practice is an opportunity to heal our relationship with ourselves & practice developing greater self compassion in the face of our humanness. In knowing that there’s no way they can mess it up, our particiapnts’ nervous system will access greater safety to let go. 

If you’re interested in learning how to hold space for others in Kundalini activation experiences & become a facilitator of Kundalini activation healing, check out the KCA Facilitator training here

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