Are you wondering whether your Kundalini energy is awakened or want to know the signs of an activated Kundalini? Let’s explore it together.

Signs, symptoms & manifestations of Kundalini awakenings & activations differ from person to person but there are some common similarities across Kundalini awakening journeys.

The awakening of Kundalini energy can be an abrupt & energetically intense experience & it can be a more gradual opening that feels natural. Not one is better than the other. And just because you haven’t had a powerful energy surge up your spine does not mean your Kundalini is not stimulated & activated.

To be honest, the activation of Kundalini energy within us will not immediately make us a complete different person. In many cases, it is subtle yet the profound shifts happen in the subtleties.

It’s also important to note the activation of Kundalini energy is not the same as a full Kundalini awakening. Activation normally happens first, & refers to the dormant state of Kundalini energy being switched into an activate state & the energy begins to move into the energy meridians. Full awakening usually refers to when the energy has entered into the Central Channel (the Sushumna) & has made its way to higher brain centers, specifically into the Third Eye.

To know if your Kundalini energy is activated, here are 5 signs of an activated Kundalini you can look out for:

1) Sensations of Energy Moving Through Your Body

When Kundalini energy is activated & open, there is an increase of prana/ chi moving in the body serving as a vehicle for Kundalini to journey upwards to our higher centers. You may notice odd energy ripples through your body (almost like air bubbles inside of you!), sensations of being hugged by an energy field, tingling, buzzing, or a clear movement of energy up & down your spine & in other parts of your body.

These sensations tend to be distinctively different than what we would normally feel. When you focus your awareness on the energy movement, it also intensifies & may even be accompanied with strong feelings of bliss, peace, love & wholeness.

2) Subtle to Large Spontaneous Movements

Spontaneous movements, also known as kriyas are a hallmark expression of Kundalini energy being activated & beginning her cleansing & purification process. These movements can begin small like subtle twirling & twitching of fingers, hands & legs. And they can also be more vigorous like uncontrollable jerking & shaking. Sometimes, the movements express like a Divine dance & mudras (hand gestures) may spontaneously form.

Kriyas are one of the biggest signs that our Kundalini energy is awakened. Especially when you experience it for the first time, it is both BEAUTIFUL & TERRIFYING (holding those both ands 😉). Beautiful in that we have a visceral embodied experience of the Kundalini spiritual intelligence moving us & helping us recenter, recalibrate & purge the body of density. Terrifying in that our left brain & conscious thinking mind is like “WTF is happening & who is moving me because I’M NOT DOING THAT!” 😱

When spontaneous kriyas manifest, we are asked to Surrender to them so that Kundalini energy can do Her job. The more we Surrender, the more we’ll feel how the energy is working for us.

Now it’s important to note that although kriyas are common to see when Kundalini is awakened, JUST BECAUSE your body isn’t moving DOESN’T MEAN your Kundalini energy is not activated. I’ve personally witnessed many clients whose Kundalini energy naturally opened without the immediate expressions of kriyas.

Again – Kundalini is WISE & INTELLIGENT & it knows when movement is necessary & also when the best thing for someone’s journey in a moment may be complete stillness.

3) Inexplicable Emotional Highs & Lows

Another common sign your Kundalini energy is activated & moving is when you feel like you’ve hopped onto a whole rollercoaster of EXTREME emotions. These emotions may be extreme happiness, joy, hope, ecstasy & bliss as we get glimpses of what it’s like to be reunited with Pure Beingness. AND also in the beginning phases of the Kundalini process, these emotions may be extreme sadness, grief, anger, shame & fear as Kundalini energy brings to the surface emotions that we’ve repressed through traumas in our lives.

This can look like waking up one morning, feeling like ABSOLUTE POOP 💩 & literally having no reason for being so. And also, it can look like sitting at work in your cubicle & suddenly having this profound feeling of unconditional LOVE for everyone around you 💗

When we witness these inexplicable highs & lows in our emotions, it’s a telltale sign that our Kundalini energy may be active. To facilitate Kundalini’s work when we find ourselves in this rollercoaster of emotions, we must Surrender to the emotional waves & let go of the need to attach meaning.

We don’t need to know why we’re suddenly so ecstatic & happy.

We don’t need to know why there’s suddenly a big pang of fear & anxiousness in our heart.

We don’t need to know why there’s suddenly grief that we haven’t felt in ages.

All we’re asked to do is to allow the feelings to be felt & hold safe & loving space for ourselves.

4) Vivid Spiritual Visions & Downloads

Because Kundalini’s goal is to bring us back to cosmic consciousness, as Kundalini energy is activated within us, our channel to the Divine spiritual realms become fortified. This means that you could suddenly start receiving A LOT of spiritual visions of the past, present & future, downloads for the next steps of your purpose, epiphanies on what has been holding you back, creative ideas & more! You might also feel the presence of your Spiritual Team stronger, coming in with reassurances & support.

With an opened channel, you may also notice yourself wanting to meditate more often, spend time in Nature & go deeper into spiritual studies.

When my Kundalini energy first activated, I spent weeks channelling the framework for my business, jotting down ideas for the experiences I’m meant to create & designing a new logo! The craziest thing is… this is literally EVERYTHING you are seeing today through the Kundalini Codes Activation & Truth Alchemy brands 😍

5) An Inner Knowing that Your Kundalini Is Activated

And finally, you may just have this recurring nudge that your Kundalini energy is activated. When our Kundalini energy is active, our body already KNOWS that & it’s the mind that needs the convincing. So if you find yourself constantly asking, “Is my Kundalini energy awakened & activated?” & you can recognize some of the signs mentioned above, chances are- Kundalini energy IS active already inside of you or is very close to being activated.

Trust the inner knowing within you & connect to it with more body-based practices like breathwork, Kundalini Yoga & embodiment & just noticing sensations in your body.

There’s a reason you keep asking yourself this question. It’s time to just receive the answer that’s been there all along.

So that’s it for this article on how to know if your Kundalini energy is activated. If you have any Qs, send me a DM on Instagram @psimella.

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