Interested in Becoming a Kundalini Activation Facilitator & Want to Know What It Entails? Read on 😉

There’s a lot of fascination & interest these days in experiencing Kundalini activations & becoming a Kundalini activation facilitator. And rightfully so! This form of spiritual healing & energy work is hands down the most life-changing & transformative modality I’ve ever experienced.

For those who are curious about becoming a Kundalini activation facilitator, I want to get REAL & HONEST with you about what this journey entails. Becoming a Kundalini activation facilitator is NOT something you just read some documents on, watch a couple of videos, & then you “know” how to do it.

It is a full life’s devotion to

  1. Your personal healing
  2. Your relationship of Surrender to the Divine Mother
  3. Your development of trauma-informed & comprehensive skills to hold space for others’ transformation

1) Your Personal Healing

Your personal healing is foundational on the path of becoming a Kundalini activation facilitator because this form of energy healing is about being able to hold a frequency, a vortex of life force or a field of consciousness for others to activate & resonate within. When we haven’t done our own personal healing work, we cannot fully inhabit our bodies. Without being in our bodies, it’s impossible to hold a Kundalini frequency of transformation for others.

So I’ve got some good news 🎉 & some neutral news 🙂 for you (Because we’re letting go of the dualistic “good”/ “bad” non-sense here 😉)

The good news is when you are devoted to working with Kundalini & have Kundalini energy awakened inside of you, this Divine spiritual intelligence as an emanation of the Divine Mother is already designed to liberate you & be in SERVICE to your healing. This means your personal healing is already GUIDED & the purification of your mind, body & spirit is orchestrated by an intelligence far greater than you & I.

AKA… the heavy lifting is done for you!

Kundalini energy desires to be shared. It desires for each of us to Remember who we truly are, access unconditional Love within us & expand our consciousness.

She wants us to be liberated & it is her sole purpose as She rises up our central channel to meet with Shiva (Divine Masculine) in our pineal gland to bring us back to inner union.

The neutral news is the process of liberation is FAR from easy, rainbows, butterflies & unicorns 🌈🦋🦄. Devoting to the Kundalini path especially with the commitment of becoming a Kundalini activation facilitator can catalyze a crumbling of your identity, your life as you’ve known it, the relationships around you & have you questioning EVERYTHING.

But that isn’t “bad”. In fact it’s the most beautiful & freeing thing that can happen for us.

It’s through this “deconstruction” in the Kundalini process that our past traumas & emotional wounds can finally be surfaced & given the safe space to heal.

And when we full-heartedly Surrender in this process of shedding, crumbling & healing, we release conditioning & false identities, beliefs & attachments that were never truly US to begin with.

This gives us our FREEDOM, our TRUE SELVES & the NERVOUS SYSTM CAPACITY to share Kundalini energy with others.

2) Your Relationship of Surrender to the Divine Mother

Facilitating Kundalini activation has A LOT more to do with your Surrender than your intellect. As Kundalini activation facilitators, we are continuously humbled by the Truth that it is not us in our human finite self that is allowing for Kundalini activations to occur. But it is the Grace of the Divine Mother which dances through us that makes it happen 🌹

To easily access surrender during a Kundalini activation session & call in the energy for others to heal within, we must practice an ongoing relationship of Surrender within our own lives.

This looks like realizing we are never doing life alone. In fact, we are doing life in partnership with an unconditionally Loving force that truly loves us beyond limits.

Even when challenges happen & poop hits the fan in life 💩, who do we choose to be to ourselves & how do we choose to respond?

The more we practice showering ourselves with loving compassion & softness... which looks like a tender hug & a whisper of “It’s going to be OK. I’ve got you” , the more we open ourselves to the Divine Mother’s Grace.

And the more we practice relinquishing our need to control but trusting that everything is always happening FOR us… the more we also open ourselves to the Divine Mother’s Grace.

There’s no amount of knowledge, learning & information that will suffice for a lack of Surrender.

So fully immersing yourself in a relationship of Surrender to the Divine Mother is essential in becoming a Kundalini activation facilitator.

3) Your Development of Trauma-Informed & Comprehensive Skills

Working with Kundalini energy is no joke & neither is guiding the Kundalini awakening process for someone else. As Kundalini energy’s journey is about cleansing & purification our nervous system, I strongly believe that becoming trauma-informed & understanding how the autonomic nervous system functions is CRITICAL in becoming a Kundalini activation facilitator.

Without understanding trauma, its impact & also how to safely hold space for someone who may be experiencing the unpleasant parts of healing trauma from the body & psyche, we can easily misinterpret a crucial part of someone’s healing journey as “something has gone wrong”.

In the Kundalini process especially when past traumas are triggered & brought to the surface to be resolved, it can be MESSY, UNCOMFORTABLE & honestly, extremely triggering & frightening for someone who doesn’t have a context for what’s happening.

When we or our clients start uncontrollably crying for days & feeling absolutely terrible, it’s tempting to label that as “bad”, “wrong” or “I’ve picked some some dark negative energy” – when in reality, it’s the healthiest & most important part of our nervous system’s recalibration.

For many of us, there’s literally DECADES of stagnant energies & traumas bottled up that FINALLY get the chance to be completed & resolved.

With this said, this is why in the KCA Kundalini Facilitator Training, the whole training is taught through the lens of becoming trauma-informed so that we have an empowering & clear context of how to lead ourselves & our clients through the Kundalini healing process.

I teach you all about how the autonomic nervous system works, how to recognize your own nervous system responses & how to cultivate conditions of safety for others to feel fully supported to move through their traumas.

There are SO many skills involved in safely holding space for someone’s deep Kundalini healing process like:

  • Skill of holding space for someone to cry & fully process their heavy uncomfortable emotions
  • Skill of recognizing nervous system response states & separating that from who someone is
  • Skill of guiding emotional release & liberation practices
  • Skill of soothing the nervous system through pranayama (breathwork based practices)
  • … & so much more

It’s really important to me to not just teach facilitators how to activate Kundalini energy in someone – but to offer a comprehensive skillset for guiding someone’s mind, body & spirit transformation in a lasting way.

Activating Kundalini energy is truly just the BEGINNING of a life-long process of shedding, remembering & reuniting with the Divine. And in the way I train Kundalini activation facilitators, I offer the complete experience where you will not only feel confident in activating the energy, but in knowing how to walk with someone through all the ups & downs of life.

So voila! 🥳 That’s it for this article for those who are curious about becoming Kundalini activation facilitators & wondering how they can learn to facilitate Kundalini activation.

If you’re feeling called to become a KCA (Kundalini Codes Activation) facilitator, CLICK HERE to check out the details for the online & in-person Kundalini activation facilitator training.

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