Discover how to weave Kundalini activation with other healing modalities you know!

Just because you join a Kundalini activation facilitator training & facilitate Kundalini activation doesn’t mean it needs to be the ONLY thing you do. 

Kundalini activation as I teach & facilitate it in our KCA Kundalini activation training works specifically with prana-Kundalini as a way of clearing the energetic & nervous system pathway for one’s innate Kundalini Shakti to open & rise. 

It is an energetic & body-based modality that is HIGHLY effective at opening the right brain, bringing repressed emotions & traumas to the surface to resolved & re-establishing a connection to the True Self & Divine Intelligence. 

AND… it is just one piece of the puzzle. 

Once we transform trauma in the body back into life-force & reinstate nervous system safety, that doesn’t automatically mean that… 

We have a clear set of empowering beliefs on how to see ourselves as a leader 

We know exactly how to be in relationship with the parts of us that are scared & nasty sometimes 

We are completely open & surrendered in our sexual expression 

We fully understand our purpose & how to best work with our inherent energy type 

That’s why I believe Kundalini activation is MADE to be complimentary with many other modalities for a holistic transformation.

So far, I’ve had clients integrating (or about to as to go through their training 😍) KCA with NLP, Karate, Heart Healing, Human Design, Tao Tantric Arts, Kundalini Yoga, Reiki, Hypnosis, Sound Healing… & it’s so beautiful to witness. 

Personally I weave Kundalini Activation into my existing coaching repertoire alongside NLP, Kundalini Yoga & Embodiment & Truth-Embodied Coaching.. which I’ve found lastingly helps my clients become more loving in their relationship with themselves & their lives a well.  

And in collab in-person events like the one I did 3 weeks ago with my partner Danylo & friend Freddy, we blend Breathwork, Free Flow Movement AND Kundalini Activation for an INSANE psychedelic-like journey that people leave feeling like they’ve done 3 MONTHS of healing work in 3 hours. 

All this to say, if you’re already an existing facilitator of other healing modalities & you’re wondering, “Can I add KCA to my toolkit to help others?” The answer is “YES. Absolutely. And I would LOVE to creatively HEARTSTORM with you on what that can uniquely look like for your body of work.” 

Come join us in the KCA Facilitator Training & let’s get the magic started. Read this other post on what I LOVE about our Kundalini activation facilitator training & what differentiates it from others.

We are now open for enrolment, where you can jump into our Spiral 1 Self-Study content with bi-monthly group support calls. Our Spiral 2 in-person immersion will be happening in Montreal, QC from April 16-21,2024. Check out the details in my bio link & apply !😘 There are 6 spots left for our in-person immersion in April 2024. Come join us! Learn more here.

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