Activating Kundalini energy is a hot topic these days in the spiritual & healing space – & for good reason! Learning more about Kundalini activation and how to activate Kundalini can be a deeply transformative & life-changing experience.

There are so many facets to what activating Kundalini energy entails, from what is Kundalini energy & why we want to activate it, to how we can activate Kundalini energy (the different practices, meditations & methods) & what we can expect to happen in our lives as a result of awakened Kundalini.

Let’s go into all of this!

Serpent representing Kundalini Shakti & Kundalini energy

Before we talk Kundalini activation, we’ve got to understand the nature of Kundalini energy.

Kundalini energy is called many names in various traditions. From Kundalini Shakti, Shakti Energy, Serpent Power to Mother’s Force, Sekhem, Chi & more. As we commonly know Her as Kundalini Shakti, this is thanks to the thousands of years of scriptures, teachings & philosophies of Hindu traditions.

Kundalini refers to the primordial Divine Feminine energy that created all of existence. From the Cosmos & our planet to the Nature around us & our own very bodies, all are workings of Kundalini. It is the very Divine life-force energy that is the emanation of the Divine Mother & that animates all of life.

Kundalini, beyond just being energy is really the Purest state of our Beingness & Consciousness. An awakened Kundalini body brings us into higher states of consciousness & help us Remember who we really are. Divinity embodied in human form.

Kundalini energy is found out in the Cosmos, within the Earth & directly inside our bodies.

As a growing fetus, it is the intelligence of Shakti energy that makes our human blueprint. This Shakti Divine Mother energy creates us starting from the Crown of the head & descending all the way down. Once it reaches the Root Chakra & finishes our creation, it condenses itself into Kundalini Shakti. Kundalini Shakti then lies dormant at the base of our spine, curling 3 ½ times. In its dormant state, Kundalini Shakti maintains our basic bodily functions & actually upholds our ignorance & perceived separation from the Divine.

When we discover how to activate Kundalini, Kundalini energy goes from being asleep to becoming awakened. Awakened Kundalini moves from upholding our ignorance to becoming the key to our enlightenment.

And by enlightenment, I see it as realizing the core of our essence is Love. And that we each are simply expressions of the Divine Mother at play with one another.

It’s important to know that there is a key difference between activating Kundalini and a full Kundalini awakening. Activating Kundalini means we’ve switched the dormant “off” state of Kundalini back to awakened “on” state. While a full Kundalini awakening refers to when Kundalini Shakti has completely reached the brain & dissolves into Shiva.

The more you explore Kundalini energy, Kundalini Shakti & Kundalini activation, the more you’ll likely come across the serpent symbolism. Kundalini Shakti is often portrayed as a serpent because of how the energy is coiled in its dormant state. Once it is activated & rises up the central channel (Sushumna), it is also commonly shown as 2 interweaving serpents. This represents the movement of Feminine & Masculine energies. There are 2 main energy channels (Nadis) called the Ida Nadi & the Pingala Nadi. These two Nadis correspond to the Feminine (Lunar) & Masculine (Solar) channels of our body. Since the intent of Kundalini activation is to have our inner Feminine & Masculine energies unite, we see how these 2 interweaving serpents showcase that.

The 2 interweaving serpents commonly shown in Kundalini energy

Different Representations of the Serpent

The serpent has been misinterpreted in the last couple of centuries as a “demonic” or “evil” force. For example, we know this from the story of the Garden of Eden with Adam & Eve where the snake was made to symbolize the devil. When really, its been used for thousands of year prior in our traditions to highlight knowledge, transformation & enlightenment.

In Eastern traditions, the serpent has long been used a symbol for transformation. It reminds us that to stay alive & thrive, we must be willing to shed the old & become anew. This is very much the metaphor within Kundalini activation.

The Ouroboros in Greek which depicts a snake eating its own tail also holds an important meaning of the eternal cycle of birth, life, death & rebirth. It reminds us that every beginning has an end, an every end initiates a beginning.

Serpent eating its own tail symbolizing the Kundalini journey

In Kundalini activation sessions like in KCA, it’s very common for participants to share feeling the movement of a serpent through their body, to see actual serpents that help them release the old & the visits of serpent related Divine Feminine goddesses.

For ease, we generally refer to Kundalini just as Kundalini energy. Although in actuality, there’s further distinction into 3 main kinds of Kundalini energy in the Tantra traditions. We work 2 of these kinds of Kundalini energy here in KCA so I want to share more with you on it. These 3 main kinds of Kundalini energy are: prana-Kundalini , chit-Kundalini & para-Kundalini.

Prana Kundalini

Prana-Kundalini or Prana-Shakti refers to the condensed form of Shakti energy that is manifested as prana, life-force, breath & Chi. This the vital energy that keeps our body alive & when amplified, creates harmony within our nervous system, glandular system, organs & mind. We naturally have a degree of prana or prana-Kundalini flowing in the body & this can be enhanced through practices like breathwork (pranayama).

In the Hindu Tantric tradition of Kashmir Shaivism, prana-Kundalini is referred to as a lower form of Kundalini. Most of the visceral body shaking & spontaneous kriya expressions we witness in KCA journeys are an expression of prana-Kundalini flowing in the system.

In Kundalini Codes Activation journeys, a frequency of prana-Kundalini is held in resonance for participants so that their innate prana-Kundalini can be amplified. The increased flow of prana is what unwinds stuck emotions & repressed traumas in the body, clearing a pathway for one’s innate Kundalini Shakti to further open & rise.

In Kundalini Codes Yoga & Embodiment, we use traditional Kundalini Yoga pranayama practices to enhance the flow of prana in the body & to build our pranic field so that its easier to facilitate the movement of Kundalini Shakti within our own bodies, or the bodies of others in the case of being a Kundalini activation facilitator.

Chit Kundalini

Chit-Kundalini or Chit-Shakti refers to the form of Shakti energy manifested as consciousness & awareness. Unlike the more energetic expression of Prana-Kundalini, Chit-Kundalini is about activating a non-dual state of consciousness & an embodied experience of pure Beingness, where we melt into the loving void of nothing & everything. In experiences of Chit-Kundalini, one can feel the merging into the Divine Mother Shakti field & an expansion of the mind. There’s a greater awareness of what is without personal story & the ability to respond with neutrality.

In the Kundalini Codes Activation brand, expanding consciousness with Chit-Kundalini is facilitated through the free weekly Cosmic Rose Honey meditations. In these meditations, we come into surrender & openness & allow the Divine Mother Force of Chit-Kundalini to pour into our Crowns & into our Hearts.

Para Kundalini

Para-Kundalini is the highest form of Kundalini energy, & is seen as the state of complete unity consciousness. The world Para means Supreme. It is Para-Kundalini that initially created our human blueprints & bodies, prior to condensing Herself into Kundalini Shakti.

It is believed that due to the Absolute nature of Para-Kundalini, this form of Kundalini is usually only experienced once we die & no longer constrained by the constraints of the human body.

Although I would say through personal experience that Para-Kundalini can be experienced in our lifetime through deep mystical journeys like those induced by psychedelic medicine.

When our innate Kundalini Shakti is activated, it begins its ascent up our spine & chakra system to purify, cleanse & balance. It acts like a spiritual fire burning away all that is not True & all that is not YOU. Its sole purpose is to clear the path & rise to the Crown chakra, where it can meet with its Divine counterpart Shiva to create inner union, wholeness & liberation in your being.

When our Kundalini is activated & moving within us, She begins a profound process of walking us home to who we REALLY are. Through her movement in the body, She will bring old traumas, trapped emotions & unconscious programming & patterns to the surface to be looked at, felt, & deeply released from our energetic & physical bodies. The intention is to rewire our autonomic nervous system, let go of false identities, fears & the past so that we can be in an unconditionally loving relationship with ourselves, the Divine Mother & life itself. 

The activation of Kundalini energy & the clearing it brings helps us prepare our bodies to integrate higher frequencies of Light & expand our consciousness.

Tangibly in your day to day, Kundalini activation can bring about benefits like the following

  • Feeling an inexplicable sense of calm confidence – where you are no longer afraid of speaking what’s on your mind, claiming what you desire & just simply being yourself around others without masks & pretenses 
  • Having a higher level of self-awareness when mind chatter kicks in – where you can discern what the mind is saying to you & lovingly being in response to it rather than identifying with the thoughts & fears. There is a clear separation between who you are & what you think 
  • Expanded self-compassion where you deeply honour your humanness like when you feel sad, you’ve made a mistake, you feel confused… without making yourself wrong. This allows you to move through the emotional waves of life & get back on your feet faster    
  • A greater amount of life force energy in your body that allows you to do more of the things that bring you joy rather than feeling drained & exhausted  
  • Profound clarity on your purpose & how you want to be living your life & what kind of work you want to be doing, & and effortless decision to make that your reality 
  • Heightened creativity where you may activate gifts of creation & expression like making art, speaking, writing poetry, singing & making music that feel exciting for your Soul  
  • Deeper trust in yourself & life, & therefore way less overthinking around taking action in your life, career & business. This can look like actually writing a book, walking away from a job that no longer serves, finally sharing your healing gifts etc 
  • Having a greater ability to see the bigger picture of everything & situations for multiple perspectives which let you converse & relate without fighting with over either/or opinions
  • & no longer getting easily irritated by people & things   
  • A liberation of your sexual energy, that lets you experience greater connection & self-expression when making love 
  • Feeling a lot more ease to Surrender to the Divine Mother & trust that things are always working out for you
  • Being a magnet that draws to you a lot of synchronicities & miracles on a daily basis as your energy is of a higher frequency & in alignment with what you desire 

… & so much more

Now with a peek at all the benefits for activating Kundalini, the question is clearly: “OK! So how can I activate Kundalini energy for myself?” Let’s look at that in this section.

There are 2 paths to activating Kundalini energy, known as the Right Hand Path (Masculine) & the Left Hand Path (Feminine).

Right Hand Path of Kundalini Activation

Practicing the Kundalini meditation for a calm heart

When we think about traditional Kundalini activation techniques, we’re usually used to thinking of Right Hand Path methods like intense meditation, breathwork & Kundalini Yoga. The Right Hand path is the path of self-direction where one’s will through concentration, discipline & action is what’s needed to awaken Kundalini energy.

Although this path does create results, it’s usually a lot more tiring, efforting & lengthy because one thinks they are the only ones responsible for awakening Kundalini.

The Right Hand Path for Kundalini activation isn’t “wrong” & it’s helpful to have a degree of Masculine structure on our spiritual path. However we must be intentional in how we use the Right Hand path practices & know that ultimately, we’ve still got to Surrender into the effects that we’ve generated in order to merge with Shakti.

In Kundalini Codes, we practice & teach the Right Hand Path in the form of Kundalini Codes Yoga & Embodiment. I have studied Kundalini Yoga for half a decade & bring together the traditional Kundalini Yoga teachings of the Kundalini Research Institute, along with Polyvagal Theory. Instead of just mechanically practicing Kundalini kriyas, pranayama & exercises, we become aware of the effects of various Kundalini kriyas, pranayama & exercises on our autonomic nervous system & use it to guide ourselves back to internal safety. There’s also a unique integration of musical journeying & Feminine embodiment practices so that we can reawaken our body wisdom.

Using a Right Hand Path practice like Kundalini Codes Yoga & Embodiment is an incredible way to build nervous system capacity & strengthen the body’s overall resilience in order to sustain the Kundalini activation journey.

Left Hand Path of Kundalini Activation

Kundalini activation journey in process

The Left Hand Path of Kundalini activation has been becoming extremely popular, although it is an ancient path known for thousands of years. The Left Hand Path is known as the path of Surrender. Instead of relying on our own will power & effort to awaken Kundalini, we practice Surrendering to the Divine Mother Force that is already present within & around us.

Kundalini Codes Activation (KCA) Journeys are a practice of the Left Hand Path. In these Kundalini activation experiences, we are creating the inner & outer conditions of Surrender, through which then our innate Kundalini Shakti has the space to rise.

How the Autonomic Nervous System Is Involved in Left Hand Path Surrender

When we are predominantly in a Sympathetic nervous system response, aka the fight/ flight/ freeze, our inner environment suppresses the movement & experience of Kundalini Shakti. And most of us quite frankly ARE usually living under this Sympathetic nervous system response due to things like financial stress, work pressures, childhood complex traumas, racial traumas, generational traumas, relationship conflicts & more.

The Sympathetic nervous system response is also associated with the Masculine energy. So when there is too much of a Sympathetic response where we constantly feel like we’re unsafe & need to defend & protect ourselves, there is no space for our inner Feminine energy to rise or the Parasympathetic nervous system to open.

Kundalini Shakti being Feminine in Nature is linked to our ability of sustaining a Parasympathetic response. So the more we have inner & outer environments of safety, the more we can embrace a Parasympathetic response which then lets our innate Kundalini Shakti open up.

Conditions Held in a Kundalini Codes Activation Journey to Activate Kundalini Energy

So with this understanding of the nervous system, in KCA journeys, we bring in different elements that support participants in relaxing their bodies, coming more into a Parasympathetic state & disconnecting from habitual survival responses. This is the space of Surrender where they can access new possibilities for opening their consciousness, healing traumas & rediscovering themselves.

These different elements include…

Brainwave Shifting Sound

Brainwave shifting sound is weaved into every Kundalini activation playlist to take people on a journey of altered consciousness. The oscillation of different sound frequencies lessen the usual left brain logical mind & open up the right brain creativity & relaxation. The altered state of consciousness is often called dreaming awake and it feels just like the space between us being awake & falling asleep. In this in-between state, our regular patterns are not fully operating and so we have the space to observe, heal through inner dialogue & reconnect with our bodies.

Lying Down in Surrender

KCA Kundalini activation journeys are always done lying down with arms by the sides. This posture signals to the brain it is time to wind down & relax as the 2 other times that we usually find ourselves in this posture is either going to sleep or relaxing in savasana at the end of a yoga class. Lying down for Surrender effortlessly invites in a Parasympathetic nervous system response .

A Frequency of Kundalini Energy Held in Resonance

As mentioned previously above, a frequency of Kundalini energy in the form of Prana-Kundalini is brought into the space. Our bodies by default resonate with one another following the co-regulation principle of our autonomic nervous system. So when a facilitator like myself embodies prana-Kundalini & my own Kundalini Shakti force fully, it creates a tuning fork effect that vibrates to the people I am facilitating for. With this frequency held, to whatever degree their bodies are ready for, their Kundalini Shakti begins to open & their prana flow is also enhanced.

Light Language

Light Language is a form of energy transmission that comes through in encoded sound frequencies & vibrations. Since we are all essentially made up of sound & vibration, Light Language is brought in using sound as the tool to pierce through emotional densities, open the Heart & activate Kundalini energy. Light Language can be heard in clicking, hissing, whistling, singing, humming, toning & various dialects of spoken language sounding both ancient & galactic. Many of my clients always share after sessions how the Light Language brings them to a deeper Remembrance of who they are.

Learning to Surrender More & More

Despite the conditions we set to facilitate the activation of Kundalini energy, the BIGGEST THING that we must practice is surrendering more & more. Especially in Kundalini activation sessions, the mind can have all kinds of expectations of what it should look like. Working with Kundalini energy is working with the Divine Mother’s Grace & it is not up to US to control or decide how or when we open.

The biggest thing that we can do for ourselves & for the Divine Mother to work on us is keeping our minds & hearts open & surrendering more & more. Over and over again. When we’ve thought we’ve surrendered enough, it’s probably time to surrender some more 😂

It’s through the surrender that we can merge into oneness with the presence of Shakti all around us. This lets Kundalini energy not just support us in healing & unraveling, but it ultimately brings us back into oneness with the Divine.

Watch the Full Kundalini Codes Activation Mini Film

For an experience of everything I wrote above, watch the Kundalini Codes Activation mini film here

Now that you understand more about the Right Hand & Left Hand Paths & the associated practices for Kundalini activation within there, here are some other ideas of how you can activate your Kundalini energy. It’s important to note that activating Kundalini energy can bring up A LOT of emotional baggage, discomfort & life-altering shifts in a short period of time. You can for sure explore practices on your own, but it’s always recommended to have a guide along the way to make the process of Kundalini activation easier.

Kundalini Sat Kriya

The Sat Kriya is one of the most popular & powerful Kundalini Yoga practices. It is one of the few practices that is a complete kriya in & of itself, meaning that with one action it can bring about the full effect of activating Kundalini energy. Follow along this 6 minute practice, taken from my Kundalini membership the Kundalini Temple & give it a try!

Genuine Devotion to the Divine Mother Through the Heart

Ultimately, Kundalini activation is orchestrated by the Divine Mother. Especially when we are surrendering on the Left Hand Path, developing a loving & genuine relationship with the Divine Mother based in devotion is an instrumental part. This means that instead of being in our minds, thinking, rationalizing, strategizing & doing to activate Kundalini, we come into our hearts to breathe, be, trust, listen & move to the rhythm of the Mother.

The Kundalini Meditation for the Pranic Heart Center is one of my favourite meditations to open the heart, bring prana-Kundalini into the heart & deepen devotion to the Divine Mother. Afterall, our hearts ARE the portal to Her.

Watch this 23 minute Kundalini Meditation for the Pranic Heart Center from the Kundalini Temple & follow along

Once you’re committed to this process of Kundalini activation, you may be wondering, “So how do I know if my Kundalini is activated?” Let’s look at some common signs & symptoms.

When Kundalini energy is activated, there is an increase of prana moving in the body serving as a vehicle for Kundalini to journey upwards to our higher centers. You may notice odd energy ripples through your body (almost like air bubbles inside of you!), sensations of being hugged by an energy field, tingling, buzzing, or a clear movement of energy up & down your spine & in other parts of your body.

These sensations tend to be distinctively different than what we would normally feel. When you focus your awareness on the energy movement, it also intensifies & may even be accompanied with strong feelings of bliss, peace, love & wholeness.

Spontaneous movements, also known as kriyas are a hallmark expression of Kundalini energy being activated & beginning Her cleansing & purification process with the support of Prana-Kundalini. These movements can begin small like subtle twirling & twitching of fingers, hands & legs. And they can also be more vigorous like uncontrollable jerking & shaking. Sometimes, the movements express like a Divine dance & mudras (hand gestures) may spontaneously form.

When the intense jerking & shaking happens, what some people label as “demonic possessions” is really just a straightforward unburdening process of the autonomic nervous system. Throughout our lives as we’ve accumulated trauma & stresses, these dense energies get trapped inside of our muscles, cells & tissues. Coupled with always being on alert & needing to fight for survival, these energies have never had the chance to be released & transmuted.

In Kundalini activation journeys especially when we create the safe space for Surrender, these stuck energies can finally move, be shaken out & alchemized back into healing life force.

THIS is what’s happening when we see bodies violently & intensely convulsing, shaking & jerking.

Kriyas are one of the biggest signs that our Prana-Kundalini is active & moving. Especially when you experience it for the first time, it is both BEAUTIFUL & TERRIFYING (holding those both ands 😉). Beautiful in that we have a visceral embodied experience of the Kundalini spiritual intelligence moving us & helping us recenter, recalibrate & purge the body of density. Terrifying in that our left brain & conscious thinking mind is like “WTF is happening & who is moving me because I’M NOT DOING THAT!” 

When spontaneous kriyas manifest, we are asked to Surrender to them so that Kundalini energy can do Her job. The more we Surrender, the more we’ll feel how the energy is working for us.

Now it’s important to note that although kriyas are common to see when Kundalini is awakened, JUST BECAUSE your body isn’t moving DOESN’T MEAN your Kundalini energy is not activated. I’ve personally witnessed many clients whose Kundalini energy naturally opened without the immediate expressions of kriyas.

Again – Kundalini Shakti is WISE & INTELLIGENT & it knows when movement is necessary & also when the best thing for someone’s journey in a moment may be complete stillness.

Another common sign your Kundalini energy is activated & moving is when you feel like you’ve hopped onto a whole rollercoaster of EXTREME emotions. This happens within the microcosm of a single Kundalini activation journey & in the greater macrocosm of your life. These emotions may be extreme happiness, joy, hope, ecstasy & bliss as we get glimpses of what it’s like to be reunited with Pure Beingness. AND also in the beginning phases of the Kundalini process, these emotions may be extreme sadness, grief, anger, shame & fear as Kundalini energy brings to the surface emotions that we’ve repressed through traumas in our lives.

This can look like waking up one morning, feeling like ABSOLUTE POOP 💩 & literally having no reason for being so. And also, it can look like sitting at work in your cubicle & suddenly having this profound feeling of unconditional LOVE for everyone around you 💗

When we witness these inexplicable highs & lows in our emotions, it’s a telltale sign that our Kundalini energy may be active. Especially when we notice that we are NOT these emotions & rather the unchanging Divine consciousness observing & experiencing them. To facilitate Kundalini’s work when we find ourselves in this rollercoaster of emotions, we must Surrender to the emotional waves & let go of the need to attach meaning.

We don’t need to know why we’re suddenly so ecstatic & happy.

We don’t need to know why there’s suddenly a big pang of fear & anxiousness in our heart.

We don’t need to know why there’s suddenly grief that we haven’t felt in ages.

All we’re asked to do is to allow the feelings to be felt & hold safe & loving space for ourselves.

Because Kundalini Shakti’s goal is to bring us back to cosmic consciousness, as Kundalini energy is activated within us, our channel to the Divine spiritual realms become fortified. This means that you could suddenly start receiving A LOT of spiritual visions of the past, present & future, downloads for the next steps of your purpose, epiphanies on what has been holding you back, creative ideas & more! You might also feel the presence of your Spiritual Team stronger, coming in with reassurances & support.

With an opened channel, you may also notice yourself wanting to meditate more often, spend time in Nature & go deeper into spiritual studies.

Creativity tends to be an all-time high too when Kundalini energy is activated in your body. Instead of relying on your mind to create for you, you tap into being a channel for the Divine Mother & allow HER creations to be birthed through you. You’re simply the pen of an incredible writer dancing through the page rather than the writer stuck in writer’s block!

And finally, you may just have this recurring nudge that your Kundalini energy is activated. When our Kundalini energy is active, our body already KNOWS that & it’s the mind that needs the convincing. So if you find yourself constantly asking, “Is my Kundalini energy awakened & activated?” & you can recognize some of the signs mentioned above, chances are- Kundalini energy IS active already inside of you or is very close to being activated.

Trust the inner knowing within you & connect to it with more body-based practices like breathwork, Kundalini Yoga & embodiment & just noticing sensations in your body.

So far we’ve explored a lot of the amazing day to day benefits of activating Kundalini, being in the process of Kundalini activation & connecting to this Divine energy. Now let’s get EXTRA REAL about what challenges the Kundalini activation journey can include because it’s certainly not all rainbows & butterflies. Ironically, activating Kundalini energy is not the sole aim of Kundalini activation journeys and there’s more that we have to navigate on this path.

Feeling extreme sadness & depression where it can feel difficult to even get out of bed in the morning is a common challenge in the Kundalini awakening process. As mentioned above, as Kundalini Shakti brings all of our past traumas to the surface, there’s a purification process that’s almost like the sewage water being carried out of the sewage center. As this river of past impressions, past pains, traumas & beliefs flow out, we need to fully feel it in order to heal it.

But fully feeling it is far from easy. I remember on my own journey struggling to get out of bed for months. On most days, being able to brush my teeth & make some food was a huge win. For 3 months straight, all I would do was cry, wail, & INTENSELY scream cry. Many times I didn’t even know WHY exactly I was crying but my body just wanted to keep purging & releasing.

The intense sadness, grief & depression I felt was actually what I was keeping locked up in my body for 20+ years. When I gave these emotions the safe space to be witnessed, felt & loved, it literally dissolved my 20+ years of traumas in less than 2 years!

Although our Divine self understands the necessity for feeling through these emotions, it is still very challenging. It’s supportive know how this whole Kundalini process works so that you know there is Light at the end of the tunnel. And this is where having a Kundalini activation guide like myself walk with you can be so helpful!

When we tell people what we are going through in the midst of a Kundalini awakening purge, it can be misinterpreted & misdiagnosed as a “clinical depression”, “mental disorder”, “going crazy” etc through the eyes of someone who doesn’t understand Kundalini activation. When we understand the whole 12 stages of transformation in the Kundalini process, we feel much safer to surrender into what is knowing that it is leading us to exactly where we’re meant to be.

As Kundalini Shakti undoes our ignorance, who we have thought ourselves to be all our lives come into question. I remember sitting in my living room October 2020 in what felt like a complete ego dissolution.

“If I am not an overachiever and someone who has to prove her worth in order to be loved…then WHO AM I?” All my titles, labels, self-concepts I saw CLEARLY as not Truly me & it was debilitating to say the least.

If there is not enough proper peparation on the Kundalini awakening journey such as having a strong nervous system through Kundalini Codes Yoga & Embodiment or increased prana-Kundalini & ability to Surrender through Kundalini Codes Activation journeys, this can create a lot of fear & discomfort in the spiritual seeker.

This is why personally, I only ever facilitate Kundalini activation experiences through a holistic lens of nervous system, mind, body & soul & making sure that each person is prepared as well as possible to hold the imminnient ego deaths.

Although losing the sene of “self” & having the ego die (multiple times in this whole lifetime of a Kundalini awakening journey 😅) can be scary at first. IT IS SO LIBERATING. Because when we drop the notions of “who we are”, “who we should be” & “who we need to be”, then there is the freedom & liberty to decide who we desire ourselves to be.

And in the spaciousness is also how to reunite ourselves back into the greater Divine Mother Consciousness.

Sometimes I joke I should put a disclaimer up for my Kundalini Activation Facilitator Training like “WARNING: Joining this may lead to relationships falling away & going through a breakup.” Because it really is such a common thing that I’ve witnessed in clients & especially on my own Kundalini activation journey.

Because Kundalini Shakti can be so merciless in ripping away what’s not in our Truth, that often starts first in our relationships, & especially our romantic partnerships.

When I really devoted to Kundalini Shakti summer of 2020, it led me to leaving 2 romantic relationships & breaking up in the span of 7 months. I was guided to walk away from one partnership because it wasn’t aligned with the kind of relationship I wanted to be in, only to find myself in another one shortly of a similar dynamic. Of course, Divine Mother & her Kundalini power wouldn’t let me stay & within 3 months of dating my second partner, we had broken up.

Again this is not to say EVERYONE who goes through Kundalini activation & a Kundalini awakening will have their romantic relationship fall apart. But if the romantic relationship you’re currently in you’ve already had feelings isn’t 100% what is True to you. Be prepared- Shakti may just burn it away!

The same goes for friendships & relationship to your work. For example, you may realize that your existing circle of friends is no longer in alignment with the person you are becoming. Or you might realize that your job is really not what you want to be doing for the rest of your life.

Kundalini Shakti will take away what is not True, so that we have room for what is really for our Highest Good

Another challenge that can happen are quick, spontaneous, drastic & lasting lifestyle & diet changes. Once your Kundalini is activated & you’re immersed in the Kundalini process, you may find it difficult to keep up with your habitual activities like going out to party every weekend till 3 AM, drinking a lot of alcohol, watching hours of TV, downing 3 cups of coffee a day & eating a heavy meat diet .

For myself, the lifestyle changes were quite gradual over the span of 4-5 years whereas some dietary changes happened literally overnight. One day in February 2022, I woke up & decide “I don’t want to drink coffee anymore.” Then stopped it cold turkey as someone who was drinking 2-3 cups a day prior. Then a few months later in May 2022, I decided one day, “I no longer want to eat any meat, even chicken.” And that was that.

As Kundalini Shakti purifies our bodies & we become vessels for higher energy frequencies, it’s normal for these lifestyle & diet changes to kick in to maintain the higher frequency of the body.

There’s no need to force these changes on yourself because when your body is ready, you will feel it.

Woooo how are you feeling? We’ve covered A LOT of ground in this one guide. Literally almost enough for a full mini course on how to activate Kundalini & guide yourself in your Kundalini activation journey. In this final section, I want to tie things together by speaking up why it is important to have a trauma-informed & holistic approach in Kundalini activation.

As you know by now, the autonomic nervous system plays a huge role in our Kundalini awakening process. It is one of the key parts of our human bodies that is being completely rewired in the process of Kundalini activation.

There’s no speaking to the autonomic nervous system without considering how trauma affects the operations of our nervous system. By default our nervous system is meant to help us detect information from our inner & outer environments, & communicate through electrical impulses between the body & the mind the decisions on how to respond to different stimuli. When we have trauma (which honestly, 100% of us do to some degree, whether it’s our own lived traumas, inherited & generational traumas, past life traumas, Collective traumas or ALL of the above), the nervous system is changed to be on hyper-alert of potential danger.

Because it wants to protect us & keep us alive, it will over-exert energy & resources to be on defence. This leads to the common manifestations we know as, chronic anxiety, depression, perfectionism, over-achieving tendencies, explosive anger & violence & more.

You can read this other article on my personal trauma healing journey with Kundalini Shakti for a more detailed example.

As the process of Kundalini activation brings up our traumas to be healed & released, we must have the trauma-informed context of WHAT we are working with for ourselves & for clients if we choose to become Kundalini activation facilitators. With this trauma-informed knowing, we can hold a safer more empowering space for ourselves to process what is happening, transmuting the pain into power & doing the same for our clients.

Otherwise, when stuck emotions arise or when we or a client is engaged in a trauma response, we would not have the context on how to understand what’s happening which limits the healing we can facilitate in that moment.

Attending a Kundalini activation session is just the beginning of this process. I don’t think we can rely on JUST lay down Kundalini activation journeys alone to do all the work for us. It sure can do the BULK of the work especially when we Surrender deeply to the Divine Mother. However, it’s super helpful to have ongoing practices & tools like tracking your autonomic nervous system responses, Kundalini pranayamas for downregulating & upregulating your nervous system, Kundalini kriyas & meditations etc to use in your day to day. So that instead of feeling a stark contrast between your Kundalini activation sessions & your daily life, you have a way to weave practices of calming yourself, speaking to yourself in love & leaning into faith in the moments where you need it post.

Kundalini activation as a modality like KCA (Kundalini Codes Activation) is also known as a bottom-up approach where we are changing the mind through somatic intervention. And even once we re-establish safety & congruence in the body with the Kundalini energy activation & Kundalini Yoga & meditation practices, that doesn’t automatically mean we have a set of brand new beliefs about ourselves and the world.

This is where working top-down afterwards where we use mind-based techniques like NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) which I am also a practitioner & trainer of, comes in real handy. With safety reinstated in the body, we can finally actually write out new beliefs, define who we want to be in the world & what we desire- and ACTUALLY BELIEVE IT. Instead of having our whole nervous system go into fight/flight/freeze trying to protect us from every possible danger, we’ll have our nervous systems on our side to help us.

By working with the mind, body, soul & nervous system as a whole, we can catalyze lasting transformations at every level.

Thank you for taking the time to read this full guide. I would LOVE to support you further on your Kundalini activation journey. Let’s liberate our consciousness, come back into our Hearts & embody who we’re meant to be with so much love, fun & joy.

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