In our Kundalini activation training, this is one of the core skills we must learn & one that we build together

How comfortable are you with trusting that something is happening EVEN when you can’t see anything right away? 

The skill of TRUSTING that something is happening energetically without visible evidence is a CORE SKILL to develop as Kundalini activation facilitators. 

I’m sure you’ve seen all the intensive Kundalini activation clips & snippets. The ones where bodies are shaking, tears are flowing like a waterfall & the body is ecstatic dancing in bliss.

Yes those do commonly happen in a Kundalini activation session. But many times, especially when people are brand new to this practice, there’s actually nothing much happening on the outside. And on the inside, new clients often report just feeling deep relaxation, peace & some subtle energetic movements.

In our Kundalini activation training, we explore in depth how to navigate through those moments.

If we don’t TRUST that healing is occuring even when there aren’t grand physical expressions, we won’t be able to hold a field of certainty for our clients. It’s in our trust that clients know it’s absolutely OK if their session feels subtle. And that’s how changes continue to move from the non-physical to the physical.

Each person who comes for a session is like a sweet fruit with its own germination timing 🌱 And in our Kundalini activation training, we learn how to respect & honour that for the most empowering healing environment.

For one person, they may feel the energy right away within one session & have their bodies shaking & releasing. 

In another person, they may do 3-5 sessions having very subtle sensations & minor feelings. But then randomly stop smoking & drinking coffee in the days after – things they’ve been working for years to cut out!

And for others, they may feel “nothing” for the first session but feel the call to come back. Then, they rapidly open after the 10th session & join our Kundalini activation training. This was the case of my dear client Jen who now offers KCA in Fort Myers, Florida 😍🌴 

Point being – each person has a unique timing. And often, we cannot physically SEE what is happening. But we can FEEL, SENSE, KNOW & TRUST what is being shed, unwinded & shifted beneath the surface. 

In the KCA Facilitator Training, we go all into how to hold trust & faith in the energy even when you doubt. We learn how to create the optimal safe healing environment for every human who comes into your world so that their unique Kundalini germination timing feels valid, accepted & honoured.

We are now open for enrolment, where you can jump into our Spiral 1 Self-Study content with bi-monthly group support calls. Our Spiral 2 in-person immersion will be happening in Montreal, QC from April 16-21,2024. Check out the details in my bio link & apply !😘 There are 6 spots left for our in-person immersion in April 2024. Come join us! Learn more here.

If you want to apply for our KCA Facilitator Training & become a Kundalini activation facilitator, click here! ❤️

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