How to Add Kundalini Activation as a Complementary Modality for Healing

Kundalini activation facilitator training participant

Discover how to weave Kundalini activation with other healing modalities you know!

Just because you join a Kundalini activation facilitator training & facilitate Kundalini activation doesn’t mean it needs to be the ONLY thing you do. 

Kundalini activation as I teach & facilitate it in our KCA Kundalini activation training works specifically with prana-Kundalini as a way of clearing the energetic & nervous system pathway for one’s innate Kundalini Shakti to open & rise. 

It is an energetic & body-based modality that is HIGHLY effective at opening the right brain, bringing repressed emotions & traumas to the surface to resolved & re-establishing a connection to the True Self & Divine Intelligence. 

AND… it is just one piece of the puzzle. 

Once we transform trauma in the body back into life-force & reinstate nervous system safety, that doesn’t automatically mean that… 

We have a clear set of empowering beliefs on how to see ourselves as a leader 

We know exactly how to be in relationship with the parts of us that are scared & nasty sometimes 

We are completely open & surrendered in our sexual expression 

We fully understand our purpose & how to best work with our inherent energy type 

That’s why I believe Kundalini activation is MADE to be complimentary with many other modalities for a holistic transformation.

So far, I’ve had clients integrating (or about to as to go through their training 😍) KCA with NLP, Karate, Heart Healing, Human Design, Tao Tantric Arts, Kundalini Yoga, Reiki, Hypnosis, Sound Healing… & it’s so beautiful to witness. 

Personally I weave Kundalini Activation into my existing coaching repertoire alongside NLP, Kundalini Yoga & Embodiment & Truth-Embodied Coaching.. which I’ve found lastingly helps my clients become more loving in their relationship with themselves & their lives a well.  

And in collab in-person events like the one I did 3 weeks ago with my partner Danylo & friend Freddy, we blend Breathwork, Free Flow Movement AND Kundalini Activation for an INSANE psychedelic-like journey that people leave feeling like they’ve done 3 MONTHS of healing work in 3 hours. 

All this to say, if you’re already an existing facilitator of other healing modalities & you’re wondering, “Can I add KCA to my toolkit to help others?” The answer is “YES. Absolutely. And I would LOVE to creatively HEARTSTORM with you on what that can uniquely look like for your body of work.” 

Come join us in the KCA Facilitator Training & let’s get the magic started. Read this other post on what I LOVE about our Kundalini activation facilitator training & what differentiates it from others.

We are now open for enrolment, where you can jump into our Spiral 1 Self-Study content with bi-monthly group support calls. Our Spiral 2 in-person immersion will be happening in Montreal, QC from April 16-21,2024. Check out the details in my bio link & apply !😘 There are 6 spots left for our in-person immersion in April 2024. Come join us! Learn more here.

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Kundalini Activation Training: A Core Skill We Must Learn As Facilitators

Kundalini activation facilitator training participant receiving a Kundalini activation

In our Kundalini activation training, this is one of the core skills we must learn & one that we build together

How comfortable are you with trusting that something is happening EVEN when you can’t see anything right away? 

The skill of TRUSTING that something is happening energetically without visible evidence is a CORE SKILL to develop as Kundalini activation facilitators. 

I’m sure you’ve seen all the intensive Kundalini activation clips & snippets. The ones where bodies are shaking, tears are flowing like a waterfall & the body is ecstatic dancing in bliss.

Yes those do commonly happen in a Kundalini activation session. But many times, especially when people are brand new to this practice, there’s actually nothing much happening on the outside. And on the inside, new clients often report just feeling deep relaxation, peace & some subtle energetic movements.

In our Kundalini activation training, we explore in depth how to navigate through those moments.

If we don’t TRUST that healing is occuring even when there aren’t grand physical expressions, we won’t be able to hold a field of certainty for our clients. It’s in our trust that clients know it’s absolutely OK if their session feels subtle. And that’s how changes continue to move from the non-physical to the physical.

Each person who comes for a session is like a sweet fruit with its own germination timing 🌱 And in our Kundalini activation training, we learn how to respect & honour that for the most empowering healing environment.

For one person, they may feel the energy right away within one session & have their bodies shaking & releasing. 

In another person, they may do 3-5 sessions having very subtle sensations & minor feelings. But then randomly stop smoking & drinking coffee in the days after – things they’ve been working for years to cut out!

And for others, they may feel “nothing” for the first session but feel the call to come back. Then, they rapidly open after the 10th session & join our Kundalini activation training. This was the case of my dear client Jen who now offers KCA in Fort Myers, Florida 😍🌴 

Point being – each person has a unique timing. And often, we cannot physically SEE what is happening. But we can FEEL, SENSE, KNOW & TRUST what is being shed, unwinded & shifted beneath the surface. 

In the KCA Facilitator Training, we go all into how to hold trust & faith in the energy even when you doubt. We learn how to create the optimal safe healing environment for every human who comes into your world so that their unique Kundalini germination timing feels valid, accepted & honoured.

We are now open for enrolment, where you can jump into our Spiral 1 Self-Study content with bi-monthly group support calls. Our Spiral 2 in-person immersion will be happening in Montreal, QC from April 16-21,2024. Check out the details in my bio link & apply !😘 There are 6 spots left for our in-person immersion in April 2024. Come join us! Learn more here.

If you want to apply for our KCA Facilitator Training & become a Kundalini activation facilitator, click here! ❤️

How Do You Know If You Want to Be a Kundalini Activation Facilitator?

Thinking about joining a Kundalini Activation Facilitator Training? Perhaps you can relate to this…

I don’t think we *logically decide* to become a Kundalini activation facilitator. 

As cheesy as it sounds, I really believe it’s a path that chooses us (or that we have chosen for ourselves before coming to Earth & forgetting it all 🌎🤣). 

And when you know – you know 🐍

I knew during the second online Kundalini activation session I received in October 2020. 

When in what felt like a moment of complete stillness & nothing, a jolt of energy bursted through from my spine outwards towards my arms.

 I started spontaneously dancing at a speed that my mind couldn’t even comprehend. 

The movements expressed in absolute perfection & precision. 

After that session, I spent the next hour dancing in complete ecstasy in front of my mirror. 

My Soul going like “AYYYY LOOK AT YOU!! 💃🏻, while my mind was still like, “TF is going on here? 🤯😮😨” 

My Kundalini energy had awakened 3 months prior during a psychedelic healing ceremony, so I had already experienced this kind of energetic experience… but not SOBER. 

That night as I laid in my bed smiling at my ceiling, I couldn’t contain the giddiness inside me & what felt like every cell of my body SINGING. 

“I am meant to facilitate THIS kind of energy work.” I exclaimed. 

For the last 3 years, I’ve spent over a THOUSAND hours immersed in receiving, studying, embodying & facilitating Kundalini activation experiences. 

It wasn’t just enough for me to learn how to facilitate. But the GEEK within me wanted to know…

HOW does this work? 

What is the science behind this? 

How can I explain this simply to anyone & have them be open to trying it? 

How does Divine Grace meet the nervous system in making this happen? 

And most importantly, I wanted to understand how this practice supported us in rewiring our autonomic nervous system & healing from trauma.

My inquiry & devotion to finding these answers & practicing them real time has led me to creating the KCA Facilitator Training (Kundalini Codes Activation Facilitator Training) 🌹, where I hold NOTHING BACK in guiding YOU to become an embodied & confident Kundalini activation facilitator. 

Beyond just the energy activation sessions, we explore the functions of the nervous system, the impact of trauma & how Kundalini Yoga & Embodiment creates the body foundation for us to work with Kundalini energy so that you become a comprehensive somatic guide for others’ Kundalini awakening & transformation journeys. 

The feedback from clients who have already been through this program is extraordinary & it’s one of the proudest things I’ve ever created ❤️

We are now open for enrolment, where you can jump into our Spiral 1 Self-Study content (that comes with bi-monthly group support calls). Our Spiral 2 in-person immersion will be happening in Montreal, QC from April 16-21,2024. Check out the details in my bio link & apply 😘 There are 6 spots left for our in-person immersion in April 2024. Come join us! 

If you want to apply for our KCA Facilitator Training & become a Kundalini activation facilitator, click here to apply & let’s chat! ❤️

Kundalini Activation Training: What I Love About Ours

If you’re looking to become a Kundalini activation facilitator & are browsing through different options, I want to share with you why I LOVE the Kundalini Codes Activation Facilitator Training, & why you should come join us 😉🐍

If you’re feeling called to become a Kundalini activation facilitator & are looking for a Kundalini activation training, chances are, you’ve already experienced the HOLY MACARONI transformative powers of working with Kundalini energy & you KNOW this is exactly the modality that’s been missing from your comprehensive healing repertoire.

I totally know that feeling, which is why I’ve devoted to crafting a one of a kind facilitator program that doesn’t just teach you how to facilitate Kundalini activations, but that will show you how to craft your unique approach in working with the energy & guide your clients through holistic mind, body & energy transformations.

So let me share with your some things I personally LOVE about the KCA Facilitator Training & what differentiates it from other trainings 💗

1) Everything Is Taught Through a Trauma-Informed & Nervous System Aware Lens

When working with Kundalini energy, this isn’t just about helping people feel good in a session. It’s about opening previously dormant pathways inside of someone’s nervous system & psyche, supporting them in healing through repressed pains & traumas & guiding them to have an actual embodied experience of who they Truly are – so that they can feel REAL sustainable peace, joy & bliss in their lives while embracing both their human & Divine aspects.

And in order for us to do that, we’ve got to understand HOW exactly our nervous systems are built, how they lead us in our day to day thoughts, actions, beliefs & behaviours & how trauma can affect the ways we think & act. This helps to separate who we Truly are from our habitual patterns & ways of thinking + being, which we learn to recognize as nervous system responses for self-protection. In the KCA Facilitator Training, we explore these concepts through Dr. Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory & I bridge the mystical to the mundane for you in a simple way that illustrates how spiritual healing ties directly in with nervous system healing.

By becoming trauma-informed & nervous system aware, we’re not just floating away in abstract esoteric perspectives like “the energy just magically heals you” but we concretely understand what’s happening inside of our nervous systems (minds + bodies) that allow for a permanent body-led rewiring to happen. This helps us facilitate Kundalini energy activations from a grounded place that is also self-empowering for our clients.

We are not the ones doing something to someone. We are simply conduits of Divine energy & co-creators of conditions where healing can occur.

2) This Is Also An Initiation to the Isis-Magdalene Rose Lineage

If you feel drawn to the explosions of roses all over the KCA brand & my work, there’s no coincidence 😉 And perhaps, your Soul Remembers that it too is a part of a greater Collective consciousness known as the Magdalenes who are devoted to reincarnating on the planet in service to Truth & Love, & with the mission of re-anchoring Divine Mother Sophia Consciousness. One thing that really sets the KCA Facilitator Training apart from other Kundalini activation trainings is the emphasis on devotion to & relationship with the Divine Mother Sophia 🌹 I work especially with the facet of Divine Mother Sophia that is expressed as the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis, & also the symbol of the Rose which represents the spiraling mysteries of the Cosmos & the great wisdom of the Divine Mother.

To me, Divine Mother Sophia is the One Creatrix who is behind all of Creation & it is Her Divine energy that individualizes inside each of us as Kundalini Shakti. In awakening Kundalini Shakti within us, we are reinstating a previously closed bridge between us & the Divine Mother so that we can live as an embodiment of Her Love & Grace in our lives & through our BEING, bring people back into harmony within themselves.

In Spiral 1 of the KCA Facilitator Training, you’ll learn all about what the Return of Divine Mother Consciousness means & receive an initiation into the Isis-Magdalene Lineage. Then in our live immersion of Spiral 2 we deepen the initiation through the activations we experience together. Each activation is designed to ignite & expand your Kundalini channel, & are all guided by ascended masters of this lineage, including: Goddess Isis, Mary Magdalene, Goddess Sekhmet, Goddess Hathor & Quan Yin.

Feeling the connection to this Divine Feminine lineage isn’t logical. But when you Heart knows, it knows ❤️

3) You Will Learn the Core Foundations of Kundalini Yoga & Embodiment

YES I know we all LOVE the Left Hand path of Surrender (which is why you’re even here reading this 🙃), but the Right Hand path of self-direction is also important in the Kundalini awakening process. There are many different avenues of self-directive practices but for me, the most game-changing has been Kundalini Yoga – especially Kundalini Yoga with a more body-led Feminine edge as I teach it in Kundalini Codes Yoga & Embodiment.

As Kundalini energy opens within us, She can take us through excruciating depths of purging & trauma clearing – to which we need to have the nervous system & body capacity to hold all the energy moving. This is where Kundalini Yoga kriyas, meditations & pranayama practices can come in super handy as additional tools of support in the moments we need it most.

In the way that I teach Kundalini Yoga & Embodiment, I break down the various practices tangibly and also show you how to apply them in different contexts of your life. Like for example… did you know you can literally left nostril breathe while you’re sitting on the toilet having a meltdown & it could very well shift your state for the rest of the day 😅 This down to earth way of learning & applying Kundalini Yoga & Embodiment makes it not another “to-do” on your spiritual practices list, but turns it into practical tool for yourself & your clients.

I also teach you how to lead multidimensional Kundalini Yoga & embodiment journeys that blends in somatic storytelling so that psychedelic like epiphanies & sensations can arise with the movement… WITHOUT the psychedelics.

4) You Are Empowered to Facilitate & Integrate This Modality in YOUR Way

My biggest passion is not in teaching you “my way” of facilitating Kundalini healing work, but in empowering you to take what you learn in this training and craft your own multidimensional expression of how to share the frequency with others. First of all, as we are all unique individuals, our signature of Kundalini energy differs from person to person & that is already an inherent multidimensional edge that we bring we our sessions. Second of all, there are so many ways you can bring Kundalini activation to life that excites your soul.

For example, are you a sound healer who loves crystal bowls & gongs? You could lead Kundalini activation journeys WITH your live sound healing experiences.

Or maybe you are a breathwork facilitator who loves getting people HIGH on the flow of prana. You could begin your Kundalini activation experiences with breathwork before guiding into complete surrender.

Or maybe you teach intuitive dance & movement. Well how perfect is it that you can warm people’s bodies up with your free flow movement before taking them into a Kundalini activation journey?

I’m all about activating our creativity in how we share the Kundalini medicine so that it feels fully in alignment with who we are & our missions! And this is exactly what I’ll mentor you on in the KCA Facilitator Training

5) The Teaching Transmissions Are FUN, ENGAGING & Make Previously Complicated Concepts Digestible

I’ve received this feedback across the board from many clients!

“You make learning FUN & you’re really funny.” 🤣

That’s the thing about my teaching style – I bring otherwise dull & boring concepts to LIFE & instead of having you think about them I get you FEELING them through metaphors, laughs & jokes. In this way, we are inviting your subconscious mind out to play every time you learn which makes the information sink in 10X better than with your conscious mind AND that will have you contemplating how what we explore applies to your own life. PLUS, it just makes this whole process of becoming trained as a Kundalini activation facilitator so much more enjoyable.

Each teaching transmission always comes with a detailed workbook with notes too – so all types of learning are honoured.

6) Unparalleled Intimate Support That LOVES & SEES You For 9 Months Straight

The KCA Facilitator Training isn’t just a program where you go learn & figure everything out yourself. You are deeply held, seen & loved on every step of the way in the 9 month journey. Beyond just being a teacher, I am a coach & a spaceholder at heart – which means I LOVE co-creating with you brave spaces where you can ask vulnerable questions about your own healing journey & also receive honest guidance, coaching & support as you work through the Spiral 1 self study content.

In Spiral 1, there are 2 x group coaching calls every month that go as long as they need to for everyone to have their questions answered. These questions can be related to the Spiral 1 content, or pertaining to any facet of your life like your business, relationships, emotional healing, etc – because when working with Kundalini energy, everything is linked!

In Spiral 2, our intimate support gets to happen face to face in our 5 day live immersion which will be SOUL MUCH FUN.

And in Spiral 3, the loving support continues as you go out there to share the Kundalini frequency & build upon your embodied experiences. There is one group call each month in Spiral 3 to make sure that you feel empowered, held & guided to share KCA with the world.

So that’s it for this article on what I LOVE about our Kundalini activation training. I trust that this will give you a taste on what it’s like to be inside this journey with us 🥳 If you have any Qs, send me a DM on Instagram @psimella.

If you want to apply for our KCA Facilitator Training & become a Kundalini activation facilitator, first of all YAAAAY I’M SOUL FREAKING HAPPY. Second of all, click here to apply & let’s chat! ❤️