How Kundalini Activation Healed My Trauma & Changed My Life

How Kundalini Activation Healed My Trauma

If you’re wondering how Kundalini activation can help with trauma healing, I want to tell you a story…

“Fuck you. I don’t have trauma. YOU have trauma.” 🤬

My eyes narrowed across the living room at him through gritted teeth. 

My fingers clenched tightly into iron fists against the ledge of the sofa, ready to fight.

My heart pounded & raced what felt like a million miles an hour in my chest.

My face was heated & reddened with anger like a fine crimson rose. 

How. Dare. He. Ask. Me. That. 

All this happened in 0.0001% of a second, in response to his question:

“…are you sure you haven’t experienced trauma in your life? You seem to be in a trauma response.”  

Uhhh… What? Moi? Miss “I have it all figured out?”. No way… that doesn’t sound like a trauma response to me. Nope, not at all (LOL now in hindsight 😅😂🫠

The he was my ex partner, & this fiery moment was 3 weeks into us moving in together… right in the middle of the pandemic lockdown April 2020. 

We were both exhausted by the daily screaming matches, usually initiated by me. The one-bedroom apartment was a constant pressure cooker. 

Everything was wrong in my view, because of him. 

He wasn’t giving me more attention. 

He wasn’t showing me more love. 

He wasn’t dropping everything to listen to my stresses whenever I needed him to. 

He was the one at fault. And every little thing that didn’t go my way got me disproportionately ANGRY. 

The thing was – I wasn’t even aware of the disproportionate anger. Let alone, that it was the result of trauma.

For me back then, I thought of trauma only as huge catastrophic events like war, natural disasters & family losses- which I’ve never experienced. 

It was also something I thought that by admitting to having, meant there was something wrong with me. 

It wasn’t until the pinnacle moment of this argument & the months to come where our relationship crumbled that I learned…

Trauma is any experience of threat that disconnects someone from safety, exceeds their maximum level of emotional tolerance & causes dysregulation of the nervous system, body & emotions.

And boy by that definition did I have many experiences of that throughout my childhood with a well-intentioned but highly emotionally unstable & explosive Mom & a strict Dad who wasn’t around much due to work.  

That summer of 2020 after my Kundalini awakening, I went to trauma therapy where I finally had the safe space to unpack my years of prolonged emotional & physical abuse, which I’d labeled as a “typical Chinese childhood” ❤️

It was also around this time that I was guided to Kundalini activation sessions that helped me for the first time ever, inhabit & feel safe in my body again.

You know the wild body shaking, spontaneous jerking & crying you often see on session reels I share on Instagram (like this one, this one & this one) THAT’s what helped me transmute 20+ years of repressed shame, fear, sadness, grief & helplessness… which was lying underneath my easily triggered explosive anger. 

The acknowledgement of having trauma & surrendering to Kundalini Shakti is what gave me my life back. And what gifted me the deepest WHY for helping others heal their relationship with themselves through a trauma-informed & nervous system integrated lens.

This ex partner and I are still friends today. A few months ago when we caught up over bubble tea 🧋 , I said to him. 

“You remember that one argument we had 3 years ago when you asked me if I had trauma & I blew up on you? 😅 That was the turning point for me. Thank you.” 

He smiled back at me in between a sip of his boba 🧋, “I’m so proud of you & who you’ve become.” 🩷

Not gonna lie… this story about how Kundalini activation healed my trauma felt like an edgy emotional risk while writing 😅

A part of me squeaked, “Are you sure you want people to know this about you…?”

Yes it’s uncomfortable, but it’s also the genuine Truth.

It’s a huge part of my story.

It’s a huge part of my WHY in sharing Kundalini healing work.

Because this is what gave me my life back ❤️

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