A Kundalini Codes Activation Journey is an inward journey that invites you to drop into your body, relax, surrender, open & receive while conditions are set & held for your Kundalini energy to be activated in a safe & supportive way. This is inspired by the musical meditation modality of Inner Dance, founded by Pi Villaraza.

In a Kundalini Codes Activation (KCA) Journey, you will only ever be given what you are ready to receive. There is no forced activation of your Kundalini, just a gradual opening to this Divine Intelligence that your body is available to hold at a moment in time.

When it comes to awakening & working with our Kundalini energy, there are 2 paths: right hand (Masculine) path & left hand (Feminine) path. 

The right hand path looks like self-directed practices like Kundalini Yoga, intense concentration, meditation etc. While the left hand path looks like surrendering & relaxing into the Divinity within you while also being attuned to a frequency of Kundalini energy. 

One is not better than another & in my Truth Alchemy methodology, I teach & share a holistic approach that integrates both the right AND left hand paths. Aside from facilitating these Kundalini energy activation journeys, I also guide Kundalini Codes embodiment experiences which is a self-directed embodiment experience. Kundalini Codes Embodiment (KCE) is based off of Kundalini Research Institute Kundalini Yoga teachings & enhanced with Feminine non-linear movements that cultivate nervous system safety.

In my opinion, integrating BOTH together allows for a beautiful holistic journey. However, some people may prefer the surrender-based practice to the physical effort of a Kundalini Yoga class, to which these Kundalini Codes Activation Journeys are a perfect choice for working with Kundalini.  

For now, let’s focus on what the Kundalini Codes Activation (KCA) Journey entails specifically. 

In sessions, 3 main things are happening to create the conditions for a gradual opening of your Kundalini energy

  1. Lying down in surrender 
  2. Brain-wave shifting music 
  3. A frequency of Kundalini energy held in resonance 

Let’s unpack each: 

Lying down in surrender 

How often do we ever lie down on a yoga mat in full surrender for 60 mins? And no, sleeping does not count  😉 This simple act of lying down with the intention to relax & surrender sets the foundation for these journeys as it activates the parasympathetic nervous system & allows us to start dropping from our minds into our bodies. When our awareness is in our body, we naturally start to FEEL more & can listen to the Divinity that exists within us, aka Kundalini Shakti. The activation of the parasympathetic nervous system also reduces the magnetism in the body & gives rise to our inherent ELECTRICITY.

Brain-wave shifting music 

The playlist you’ll hear is specifically designed to induce an altered state of consciousness that is often experienced as psychedelic & dream-like, which promotes spiritual realizations & healing. In this dreaming awake state, our habitual conscious state is suppressed & space is created for new inner discoveries. It is done by alternating music from different brainwave states (delta, theta, alpha, beta, delta etc), which mimics our natural sleep cycles & development of consciousness. This music will activate our parasympathetic nervous system at times so we relax deeper into a state of in-between & it will also activate our sympathetic nervous system at times to support the activation of our energy & the unfolding of an inner healing dialogue. This oscillation between different nervous system activations & brainwaves help us disconnect from habitual ways of being & experience our Pure Beingness.

A frequency of Kundalini energy held in resonance 

I channel a frequency of Kundalini energy which is expressed through Light Language in my hands & body. This frequency is then held in our group field in resonance & directed to YOU, so that your body can receive as it transitions into an altered state of consciousness.

Since we are all intricately connected in the same energy field, this energy can reach you instantaneously across time & space no matter where you’re in the world.   

What this means is that like a tuning fork, I am holding a frequency of Truth & Remembering for us and your body will attune to what it is ready for at that point in time. 

The Light Language channelled is often expressed also in sounds. You can think of this as a high frequency energy transmission that is being translated into sound frequencies that penetrate your physical & subtle bodies. These sounds range from hisses & whistles to singing & speaking in different tones & sounds that your mind does not understand. Your mind doesn’t need to consciously know what is being said as the body & the Soul is receiving the transmission & decoding it in realtime to best support you at that moment. Many people often share back feeling tears of resonance & deep heart opening when receiving the Light Language.

It’s important to highlight I am NOT giving you anything that you don’t already have. I am simply serving as a conduit of a frequency of Kundalini, cosmic healing & a flow of chi that helps your body Remember what already exists within you. Sometimes I call this also a transmission of energy, which just refers to bringing in a resonance of Kundalini energy into our shared field so that your body can attune to it. 

The result of these 3 main conditions lead to the gradual & spontaneous activation of your Kundalini energy in a way that is safe & supportive for your unique path. 

Ready to experience a Kundalini Activation Journey?

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