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July 19-22, 2024


Life is our disco, Divine Mother is our DJ,

in every moment, She is playing us a song

Some songs we love & it’s effortless to sing, laugh, dance & groove to.

Like when we’re clear on how we’re meant to be of service in the world, our relationships are thriving, our family is healthy and there is financial abundance to take care of our needs AND those extra cherry on top desires. 

Other songs we REALLY dislike & wonder “when is this going to be over?! 😩” 

Like when we’re feeling lost about where to go next in our career, running into conflict after conflict with our partner, someone we love dearly falls ill and there is throat-constricting panic about how we’re supposed to pay our bills when we’re completely swallowed in “the void.” 

Instead of needing to control the playlist, crumbling into paralysis when a song we dislike comes on & worrying how the rest of the night will go…

What if we Surrendered into a DANCE with it all? 

The highs of the highs. 

The lows of the lows. 

The joy, delight, peace and bliss.

The fear, sadness, resistance and shame. 

The songs that get our hips naturally shaking & twerking. 

The songs that make us want to plug our ears, scream & hide. 

The activation of Kundalini Shakti is activating the Remembrance inside us that WE CAN DANCE THROUGH ANYTHING in life. 

And through the DANCE with all the songs in our lives, we CREATE art with whatever song Divine Mother is playing for us. 

We DANCE WITH THE DIVINE instead of resisting the Divine.

Through the Surrender into the Dance of it all, that is how we awaken to who we Truly are. 

Boundless consciousness enraptured in its own Divine PLAY of forgetting, in order to Remember itself again, and again, and again. 

When we listen for the Divine Mother

in all of Her subtlest forms & whispers...


"Dance with me! Sing with me! Remember me!"

Welcome to Dancing with the Divine

A 3 Day Experience in the Heart of Nature to Amplify Your Prana-Shakti Life Force & Surrender Through Your Body for the Divine Dance of a Lifetime

We will gather upon the sacred Abenaki Lands of Sutton, QC as we open our minds, hearts and bodies for the Divine Mother’s Grace of Shakti to dance us open. 

We will FEEL.

We will CRY.

We will LAUGH.

We will FROLIC. 

We will DANCE. 

We will SING.

We will SHAKE. 

We will REMEMBER what it means to be FULLY ALIVE through all the songs of life. 

Watch the Trailer

crafted from moments in a past event and retreat 🤩

A Dancethrough Each Day

Day 1:
Getting on the Dance Floor

“Just get on the dance floor of life & DANCE!” Yeah right… MUCH EASIER said than done 😅

Especially when we are faced with the uncomfortable songs in life like confusion about our path, heartbreak, grief, or immense fear of being judged and seen due to past traumas… everything in our system RESISTS getting on the dance floor. 

And that’s OK 💖 It’s through honouring, witnessing and loving our resistance that we can actually take it out ON the dance floor and dance WITH it instead of fighting and trying to “get rid of it”. 

Our first day will be the invitation to get on the dance floor by honouring & loving ALL of our humanity.

Starting at 9:30 AM, we will flow through… 

  • an opening Cacao Circle to soften into our hearts 
  • a Kundalini Free Flow embodiment journey 
  • a Kundalini Codes Activation (KCA) ceremony  
  • a teaching conversation on forming a relationship with our resistance
  • a Somatic Parts Work healing experience to bring our resistance out to the dance floor

Day 2:
Surrendering to Being Moved

Once we’re out on the dance floor and starting to shake our hips, the REAL FUN comes in when we realize we don’t have to FIGURE OUT “how” to dance. When we create the SPACE FOR GRACE inside of our minds, bodies & hearts through softening and surrendering, the Divine Mother will literally DANCE THROUGH US in sensations, visions, insights, movements and the guided next steps. 

We will learn how to take a step back & let go of control so that the Divine Mother can take Her step forward in our co-creative tango. 

In Her words:

I can always move you in ways that you didn’t even know you can MOVE. So allow me to move you. I am your dance partner.” 

Our second day will be about accessing a deeper level of Surrender where you realize you are never alone in the dance & can open yourself to being moved in all areas of your life. 

We will flow through… 

  • a Cosmic Rose Honey Shakti silent meditation 
  • a Kundalini Free Flow embodiment journey 
  • a Kundalini Codes Activation (KCA) ceremony  
  • a teaching conversation on how to embrace Surrender in a practical way in our every day 
  • a full body DANCE PARTAY with the Divine in the forest

Day 3:
Creating Your Art Through Every Song

Once we’re having the time of our lives out on the dance floor and surrendering to being moved by the Divine… we get to intentionally play with the art that we CREATE through our dance. 

Every time we dance through a difficult heart shattering period of pain, shimmy our way out of a terrifying phase of the void, and booty pop our way through a fear that we thought we’d NEVER be able to face… there’s a story, medicine and healing ART that gets to be shared with others 💖 

Dancing with the Divine is not just about our individual dances, but it’s about how we can get EVERYONE ELSE around us dancing as well through our willingness to get on the disco floor FIRST. 

As the Divine Mother says:

“Show people my moves through you not to teach them how to dance like you. But to activate the INNER DANCE within them.” 

Through artfully using our voice, speaking our Truths, creating art and sharing our stories, we can activate OTHERS around us into THEIR unique dance with the Divine. 

And this is how we all awaken and liberate ourselves TOGETHER. 

Our third day will be about opening our throats and practicing sharing and being witnessed for our stories in dancing with the Divine. 

We will flow through… 

  • a Cosmic Rose Honey Shakti silent meditation 
  • a Kundalini Free Flow embodiment journey 
  • a Kundalini Codes Activation (KCA) ceremony  
  • a Vocal Activation Practice to liberate your Truth (lead by guest teacher & our dear friend, Laura Lee Peters 🌹
  • a storytelling circle where we share and get witnessed for our dances with the Divine 
We will stay one final night the evening of July 21 and leave on July 22 by 11 AM. 

Every Day AlsoIncludes...

3 delicious vegetarian-based meals crafted with LOVE to nourish your body 

Fireside Cacao circles in the evening to go deeper into heart-opening conversations 

Tangible and practical practices and perspective shifts to weave into your every day 

Heart-melting community, laughter, fun & connections  

Discover the Sanctuarium Retreat Center

We will be co-creating in the sweet forest oasis that is Sanctuarium located minutes away from the charming town of Sutton, QC. Sanctuarium is situated on sacred Abenaki lands and nestled in a cedar forest that offers the most nurturing space for healing and transformation. 

Coincidentally (OF COURSE 🙃), there are already disco balls at the retreat center awaiting us to begin the dance party! 😍🪩 See the one below in the photo!

Join the Dancing with the Divine Retreat 🪩🎉


$750 CAD | $555 USD 

$300 CAD goes to towards 3 nights of accommodations in shared rooms ($50 CAD/ night) & the 3 days of retreat venue rental fee ($50 CAD/ day) 

$150 CAD goes towards 3 days of food, with 3 meals a day (with Ceremonial Cacao 🤩)  ($50 CAD /day)

$300 CAD goes towards 3 full days of healing & consciousness activating experiences starting from July 19 9:30 AM until July 22 11 AM  ($100 CAD/ day)

To Register:
Please send an Interac e-transfer to of $750 CAD with password being Kundalini. Please write your full name, your email address & any dietary restrictions in the message. 

If you are joining us from the US, you can pay in USD at $555 USD using the payment button below.  

If you would like to pay in split payments, that can be arranged! ❤️
Please send Ella a message on Instagram @psimella 

You will receive an email in early July with all the logistical & preparation information!


Ready to be an early bird and book in your spot? YAAAY! We have an additional GIFT for you! 🎁😍  Register for the retreat before June 14, 2024 11:59 PM EST and receive ONE FREE MONTH inside of the Kundalini Temple membership, worth $99 USD 🐍 


You get access to…

 a program portal with 180+ Kundalini Yoga & Embodiment Practices & teaching transmissions on embodying the Kundalini transformation in your every day

The out of this world MAGICAL 3 chapter Awakening Sleeping Beauty program on opening your Kundalini life force and cultivating a relationship with the Divine Mother 

2 x online group KCA journeys

1 x group coaching & mentoring call to support your Kundalini and personal healing process 


Arranging Carpools:
We encourage carpooling to the retreat center together to connect with one another before the retreat start and reduce our environmental impact! As beautiful souls begin to join in, we will coordinate carpools from Montréal to Sutton.  


Looking forward to co-creating & DANCING together!

xx Ella & Danylo

The constant in life is CHANGE. And the other constant is your ability to DANCE THROUGH ALL THE CHANGE.

A Few Key Notes

1) The Kundalini Awakening process is not just a one time event that permanently takes away all your problems. It is an accelerated path to healing and a rewarding life-long journey that deepens without a “destination”. This experience is NOT for giving you an “instant full Kundalini awakening”. This retreat is about cultivating the mind, body & heart foundations for your Kundalini Shakti to open in Her Divine timing & to nurture your connection with Her as the Divine Mother. So you can DANCE through all of life with Her. If you already have active Kundalini, you will further develop your vessel to hold the energy & learn how to deepen your surrender with love in your every day. 


2) In KCA Journeys, we are working specifically with a resonance of Prana-Shakti / Prana-Kundalini frequency which enhances the flow of your body’s existing life force. Prana is the vital force manifestation of Kundalini & the vehicle through which Kundalini’s dynamic consciousness travels within the body. KCA Journeys are not focused on awakening Kundalini in a single session, but rather clearing the energetic pathways & activating the unique CODES for your Kundalini Shakti to activate & move in Her Divine timing. 

3) The best way to approach journeying with Kundalini is through openness, curiosity, & faith. The Divine Mother intelligence is wise beyond anything our minds can fathom. If you feel called to join the retreat, there are gifts awaiting for you here that will be more easily received with openness rather than specific expectations. 

Meet Ella Tsang

Hello my love! I am soul honoured to be one of your guides on this adventure!

It’s been 6 years since Kundalini Shakti found me & whisked me away on a beautiful AND painful AF journey of coming Home to myself & to the Divine Mother. It all started with seeing signs of “Kundalini” everywhere I went – leading me to my first Kundalini Yoga class that had me melted in a puddle of tears. For the first time ever, I felt a sense of peace & homecoming that I’ve never felt in my entire life. 

Since 2018, I’ve been practicing Kundalini Yoga & have since become a KRI Level One Kundalini Yoga Teacher, NLP Trainer & Kundalini Energy Activation Facilitator. I had an intense Kundalini awakening experience July 2020, which then guided me to receiving Kundalini energy transmissions & studying Kundalini energy & bodywork. 

My path as a Kundalini Energy Activation Facilitator opened up when my Dad was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer May 2022. Out of pure LOVE to help him & complete Surrender to the Divine Mother, my Dad became the first person I ever held space for in a KCA session & witnessed a rapid Prana-Shakti amplification with. 

Today, I lead humbly as a servant to the Divine Mother, & am grateful to share Prana-Kundalini healing frequencies from both the Divine Mother Sophia Isis-Magdalene Rose Lineage and my ancestral Taoist Lineage.

My work is centered around guiding you back into SAFETY in your body, showing you how to develop loving relationships with all parts of yourself, teaching you how to become a heart-led facilitator of change & showing you how to lead yourself with open-hearted power through the trials of life. 

… all through a trauma-informed lens of Kundalini activation, Kundalini Yoga & embodiment & somatic-based coaching

I’m SO EXCITED to be on the DANCE WITH THE DIVINE retreat with you! 

Meet Danylo Bobyk

Hi! I'm Danylo!

I am a Kundalini Free Flow Facilitator & I’m SO excited to share this experience with you in Dancing with the Divine.

I was born in Ukraine from a mother who embraced all things spiritual, and a father who prided himself on being a logical, practical engineer with a sharp nose for nonsense. Throughout my life, I was always keen to learn about spiritual philosophies. In my 20s, I explored various energy healing modalities and tried many styles of modern Yoga. In that time, I got certified as a Level I Reiki practitioner, Level 3 in The Reconnection and Level 1 in Quantum Touch. I was also attracted to the physical and spiritual aspects of martial arts. I practiced Kung Fu as well as Aikido – which forever marked me for its philosophy of life. In the same way, I am guided to share about Kundalini Free Flow as a philosophy with Seed-Truths – principals that contain all to grow and flourish during a practice and most importantly in our daily life.

In my 30s, after a decade of looking and seeking, I decided to “just live life” and try to live by the spiritual teachings & principles that I learned about. I lived doing what I loved most – photography – making beautiful images as an ode to this incredible planet we live on and the beauty of family events that we get to experience. After over a decade of this, my soul yearned for more.

In the past 3 years, I discovered my body had more generational trauma than I thought. After months of genocide in my home country of Ukraine, I found myself numbing my anxiety and unease with oversleeping and overeating. Falling asleep at 3 AM after eating bags of jellybeans and sleeping in till past 2 PM was the norm.

In Summer of 2022, I practiced feeling my feelings – something that was very new for me. On one particular day, I suddenly felt a tsunami of grief and sadness wash over my body. Emotionally drained, I got up and surrendered completely. An inner voice gracefully guided me to flow with my breath and my body started to teach me new ways to move. As I softened into these guided movements and breathed with my grief and sadness, liberation filled up every inch of my being.

From that day forward, movement was redefined for me.

Since that moment, I have been guided and dedicated to share, understand and embody these Divine codes on a regular basis as a humble channel of the grace of The Mother / Great Spirit / Source. I am constantly humbled by the power of movement, breath and sound and in the immaculate quantum creation that is our body. I am here to share what comes through, learn from each other and to stoke the Divine flame and intuition within each of us.

Kundalini Free Flow is a life-changing & pleasure-driven embodiment practice that redefines what it means to move. This is a practice that Divinely channeled through me over the past 2 years and has radically transformed my relationship with myself and my body. 

Habitually, we have been programmed to explore movement solely in a linear & 3D way. This looks like moving only in the upwards & downwards & side to side planes.Linear movement traps us in linear thinking & disconnects us from the Quantum nature of our body. 

Kundalini Free Flow is designed to liberate our non-linear multidimensional nature – enhancing all forms of movement expression that allow for quantum pathways to open up in the mind, body & nervous system as a whole. These movements, along with intentional breathing and vocal expression also unwind stuck emotions and liberate our life force energy, thereby creating the embodied foundation for our Kundalini energy to awaken & move through our bodies. 

Together, we will deepen our connection with our bodies, move with the inner flow of Kundalini & bring our inner Divine Masculine & Feminine essence into union in this amazing dance with the Divine.  

Being in our body gets to be BLISSFUL, PLAYFUL & FUN – & that’s exactly what we will co-create! 

Curious about the right & left hand paths to Kundalini activation?

The Right Hand Path

involves Kundalini kriyas & pranayama (physical practice & breathwork) to strengthen the nervous system & initiate the body’s natural clearing process for Kundalini energy to move. Kundalini Codes Embodiment (KCE) is a blend of traditional Kundalini Yoga kriya practices, breathwork, mantra & intuitive movement to lead the mind, body & spirit into a ceremonial healing journey.

Intentional music plays a huge role in activating dormant emotions & stimulating cathartic releases & transformation.

* Here’s a 13 minute practice for a taste of Kundalini Codes Embodiment! *


is Kundalini Energy Activation. This is built upon the Inner Dance by Pi Villaraza& is a surrender-based practice to opening the Kundalini Prana-Shakti life force within. Using brain-wave shifting sound that induces a psychedelic state of consciousness & channelling a frequency of Kundalini & Light Language supported by the Isis-Magdalene Rose Lineage, we create the conditions to self-activate our innate life-force & cultivate the SPACE for Kundalini Shakti Grace to awaken inside us. 

This process facilitates profound emotional releases, expands one’s consciousness, opens the heart & catalyzes a deep nervous system rewiring to shed old patterns & stories.

In this interview I did, I share about the weaving of the Right & Left hand paths & how specifically Kundalini Energy Activations work. 

Testimonials from Beautiful Souls I've Walked With

Tune into some feedback from the lovely humans I’ve had the honour of walking with on the Kundalini path in the KCA Facilitator Training, in the Kundalini Temple & in KCA Journeys! 

Read This Blog from Laura Lee Peters

Laura Lee Peters (Lau 💖) attended 2 in-person KCA journeys in Montréal & was so transformed by her experience that she wrote a whole blog post detailing what she felt, how her body responded & what came through in each session. Read through her amazing story recounting what can happen in a Kundalini Codes Activation Journey !

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