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Join a Kundalini Activation Ceremony

In-Person Kundalini Activations Available in Montreal, Toronto & Vancouver | Online Kundalini Activations Available Any Place in the World 


In-Person Kundalini Activation Group Ceremonies

Experience a KCA Kundalini Activation Ceremony with me in-person in Montreal, Vancouver or Toronto, Canada. 

The KCA Kundalini Activation Ceremonies I lead are intentionally grounded in co-creation, community & connection. 

We begin each experience by gathering in a circle in conversation to meet each other. Ceremonial Cacao is then served with the deepest reverence & gratitude to the Olmec, Mayan & Aztec roots of the medicine as a support in opening our Hearts.

From there, we move & breathe with Kundalini Codes Embodiment to drop into our bodies before lying down in surrender for the Kundalini Codes Activation. 

During the activation, a powerful frequency of Kundalini energy is held in resonance in the room like a vortex & each person’s body will attune to & open up to whatever degree is the most supportive. Energetic movements, physical movements, emotional releases, vivid visions & astral travels are common.   

After each journey, we reconnect in a closing circle to share our experiences, integrate & answer any questions you may have.

It’s a really beautiful healing experience that often leaves us without words. 

These experiences are $50 CAD.  

The majority of my in-person Kundalini Activation Cermeonies are currently in Montreal, but I also travel to Toronto & Vancouver for events every 2-3 months.  

If you are in Toronto & Vancouver & want details for those experiences, reach out to me on Instagram @psimella. 

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Remember Who You Are

Online Kundalini Activation Group Ceremonies

Kundalini energy knows no space & time & so KCA Kundalini Activation Ceremonies work just as effectively online where you can join into Zoom from anywhere in the world. 

These virtual group Kundalini Activation experiences are typically 2 hours & include an opening circle of connection, a 70-75 minute Kundalini Activation Journey & a final sharing circle where we integrate our experiences. 

You can relax in the comfort of your own home, set up your camera so that I can see you, put on some immersive ear buds or booming speakers… & that’s all the prep needed. 

I lead 2X virtual Kundalini Activation Journeys per month open to everyone.

They are $33 USD each & included if you are a part of the Kundalini Temple membership for $99 USD. 


Want a more intimate Kundalini Activation Ceremony? 

Book  in 1:1 Online & In-Person Kundalini Activation Experiences

In-Person & Online 1:1 Kundalini Activation Ceremonies

If you’re starting out and/or just want a more private experience to go deeper within, we can co-create a 1:1 KCA Kundalini Activation Journey together. 

1:1 experiences are available online through Zoom so you can be anywhere in the world, & they’re also available in-person in Montreal.

1:1 is a wonderful option if you want more a more personalized & concentrated experience. 

You will receive a bespoke playlist channelled based on what you’re moving through for the activation and receive 5 days of follow up 1:1 messaging & voicenote support for integration.

Let Yourself Surrender

A Peek Into a 1:1 KCA Online Journey

Want to Become a Kundalini Codes Activation Facilitator?

Join the KCA Facilitator Training & learn how to channel Kundalini energy to support spiritual healing & a return to Source consciousness