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Kundalini Codes Activation Facilitator Training

Next LIVE Immersion early October 2024 in Montreal, Quebec

Kundalini Activation Training in Montreal, Canada

A 9 Month Journey to Become a Kundalini Activation Facilitator & Guide People into Life-Changing Kundalini Awakenings

A comprehensive online & in-person transformative experience

There's No Denying the Call

Kundalini Energy is asking you to work with Her & embody Her healing & liberating frequency for the Collective.

You feel the pull to activate unconditional Love within yourself & others.

You desire to re-anchor Heaven on Earth consciousness on the planet. 

You are emboldened to immerse in deep emotional healing & liberate yourself & others from contractive programming. 

This is what we are Here to do as Kundalini Codes Activation facilitators. 

There is a Great Collective awakening of Divine Mother Consciousness, Truth & Love on the planet & we are here to support the ripple effect.



There are 3 phases to this Kundalini activation training that honours your personal healing journey simultaneous to your facilitator embodiment. 

These are 3 spirals that take us deeper & deeper into the core of Mother Rose & brings us right into our Heart center  🌹  

In learning the Kundalini Codes methodology which is a part of my greater Truth Alchemy approach, we weave both the Right Hand Left Hand paths to awakening Kundalini from a trauma-informed & nervous system integrated perspective. 

Our process involves the Trinity of Transformation with Mind, Body & Energy 

This Kundalini activation training is a part of the Truth Alchemy Practitioner Certification (TAPC) School 

The Right Hand Path

involves Kundalini kriyas & pranayam (physical practice & breathwork) to strengthen the nervous system & initiate the body’s natural clearing process for Kundalini energy to move. Kundalini Codes Embodiment (KCE) is a blend of traditional Kundalini Yoga kriya practices, breathwork, mantra & intuitive movement to lead the mind, body & spirit into a ceremonial healing journey.

Intentional music plays a huge role in activating dormant emotions & stimulating cathartic releases & transformation.

* Here’s a 13 minute practice for a taste of Kundalini Codes Embodiment! *


is Kundalini Energy Activation. This is built upon the Inner Dance by Pi Villaraza& is a surrender-based practice to opening the Kundalini life force within. Using brain-wave shifting sound that induces a psychedelic state of consciousness & channelling a frequency of Kundalini & Light Language supported by the Isis-Magdalene Rose Lineage, we learn to self-activate our innate life-force & to hold this energy for others to open theirs.

This process works with the Prana-Kundalini energy & facilitates profound emotional releases, expands one’s consciousness, opens the heart & catalyzes a deep nervous system rewiring to shed old patterns & stories.

In this interview I did, I share about the weaving of the Right & Left hand paths & how specifically Kundalini Energy Activations work. 

Spiral #1: Foundational Roots

Online Self-Paced Learning & Experiencing

(APPROX 3 months of study & practice)

The journey begins with online pre-recorded content that explores foundational nervous system, Rose Lineage mystery school & Kundalini Yoga teachings including…

Trauma-Informed Foundations 

  • Return of the Divine Mother Consciousness
  • Basic Operations of the Nervous System
  • (Re)defining Trauma & Understanding Its Effects
  • Polyvagal Theory & Nervous System Responses
  • Neuroception & the Life-Changing Embodiment of Safety
  • Developing Body Awareness & Safety in Feeling
  • The Embodiment of Surrender
  • Embodying the Rose Codes of the Isis-Magdalene Lineage

Kundalini Codes Yoga & Embodiment  

  • Fundamentals of Kundalini Energy, the Kundalini Codes Framework & Kundalini Yoga
  • Fundamentals of Yogic & Western Anatomy
  • Exploration of the Koshas, Subtle Body & Heart Coherence
  • Kundalini Pranayama & Its Application to Nervous System Healing
  • Kundalini Mantras & the Healing Medicine of Sound
  • Kundalini Kriya Foundations
  • Experiencing Core Kundalini Kriyas for Self & Client Healing
  • Surrendering into the Experience of Kundalini Meditations
  • Designing Multidimensional Kundalini Embodiment Journeys

Kundalini Codes Activation Prep

  • Foundations of Kundalini Codes Activation Journeys
  • Kundalini Energy Activation Framework
  • Process of Energetic Alchemy
  • Exploring the Microcosmic Orbit 
Every training transmission includes a detailed workbook & notes for you to review & apply your learnings.

There is a private podcast to listen to all the trainings on the go.
You will also receive specific Kundalini transmissions & Kundalini Codes Yoga & Embodiment practices to integrate into your devotional practice. 

There is a private Spiral 1 community where you can ask all your Qs as you flow through the content.

Plus we have 2 x group mentorship & coaching calls every month where you can receive support on what you’re learning & for your personal journey in preparation for our live training. 

It’s estimated that it will take you about 3 months to go through & integrate the content. Once you enroll, you have lifetime access to the content & can take up to 6 months before registering for a Spiral 2 live immersion. 

During this time, you must also complete a minimum of 5 KCA Journeys with me (Ella) either virtually or in-person to clear your vessel & deepen your body connection to Kundalini energy. 

*All these sessions are INCLUDED in your investment* 


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Spiral #2: Embodied Activation


In-Person LIVE Immersion from April 16-21, 2024


Over 5 days, we will meet in Montreal/ Tiohtiá:ke. With the deepest respect for the traditional territory of the Kanien’kehà:ka Nation that we will co-create on, we will begin a profound experiential & learning journey to further expand our Prana-Kundalini transmission & resonance vessels.

In our live Kundalini activation training, we will explore… 

  • Activating Our Kundalini Transmission & Resonance Vessels
  • Accessing a Non-Dual State of Consciousness & Deepening Our Relationship with Kundalini Energy 
  • Facilitating Kundalini Energy & Body Work 
  • Inducing the Dreaming-Awake State Using Brainwave Shifting Sound 
  • Self-Activating Kundalini
  • Opening Our Light Language Channels for Energetic Activation & Healing
  • Core Principles for Leading Your KCA 1:1 & Group Sessions

Each day includes concentrated KCA ceremonies, teaching & practice facilitation. Plus, we will have a dedicated photographer + videographer (Danylo Bobyk) recording footage of you facilitating to use to promote your sessions. 

Take A Look At Our Gorgeous Venue in Lac-Brome for the April 2024 Live Training

Spiral #3: Sacred Deepening

Online Deepening & Group Mentorship Support

(6 months STARTING from after live immersion)

As we integrate from our powerful in-person embodied Kundalini activation & training, we continue the deepening online with community support & …

  • Additional self-paced pre-recorded trainings on
    • Guiding the Kundalini Awakening Process
    • Foundations for Online KCA Facilitation 
    • Safe Space Holding for Trauma & Emotional Processing
    • Additional Somatic Tools for Guiding Integration  
    • Co-Creative Alchemy for Healing Shame  
    • Healing with Masculine & Feminine Energies 
    • Leading Energetic Alchemy Experiences
    • Art of Co-Creating Ceremonial Healing Space
  • Practicum where you will be asked to facilitate a group session & share back your reflections
  • Monthly group mentorship call where you can receive support on your personal & facilitation journey  
  • 6 months access to the Kundalini Temple which includes 2 x virtual group KCA sessions per month & 15 portals of content to explore(value of $700 USD) 
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you will...

Initiate & deepen your life-changing Kundalini awakening journey that supports you in healing
past traumas, opening your Heart & liberating your Creative life-force so you can expand your capacity as a Divine vessel

Learn the core nervous system soothing movement & breath practices to integrate in your day to day 
 & to teach to clients for activating inner peace & safety 

Develop a direct connection with the Source of Kundalini energy & nurture your own unique relationship with
Her to bring in your one-of-a-kind healing frequency 

Expand your capacity to hold + alchemize the full spectrum of emotional experiences with love for our humanity
& hold space for others
to do the same 

Become a knowledgeable & embodied holder of the Prana-Kundalini frequency to share with others through
  1:1 & group Kundalini embodiment & Kundalini activation sessions 

Grow your confidence as a Divine channel & bring Light Language & Light Codes into your healing
experiences & ceremonies

Cultivate lasting friendships with likeminded Souls & create opportunities for collaborations &
support with one another 

...& so much more

Apply Now

to Become a Kundalini CODES Activation FacilitatOr

The investment is divided into 3 Spirals

Spiral 1 🌹 Online Self-Paced Learning

$1111 USD | $1500 CAD

This is the initial investment to immediately access self-paced content if you are accepted to begin the journey  

Spiral 2 🌹 In-Person Live Immersion (Early October 2024)

$1800 USD | $2500 CAD

This payment is required to secure your spot for the live immersion. This amount includes the live training, accommodations & food.  

A $900 USD / $1250 CAD deposit is required upon your enrolment of Spiral 1. The remaining $900 USD / $1250 CAD is due 2 months before (approx August 2024) the Spiral 2 start date 

Spiral 3 🌹 Online Deepening & Group Mentorship

$888 USD | $1200 CAD 

This is the investment to initiate the final phase of deepening.

This is paid 2 weeks before Spiral 2 training date.

If you would like to pay in full for the full experience up front, the investment is $3500 USD | $4788 CAD.

You SAVE $300 USD | $412 CAD by paying in full ❤️

It is a big devotion to decide to become a Kundalini Codes Activation Facilitator. This process asks you not just to intellectually learn but to be willing to completely surrender & immerse in your own personal healing. It is both an intensive & truly life-altering journey to embark on. 

Please be aware of that it will be an average of 3-5 hours of learning & practice per week in Spiral 1. 

Before applying ensure that this time & financial commitment is fully a SAFE & FULL BODY YES for you at this moment. If not, you can always apply in the future 🌹

Pretty sure I’ll be doing this for the rest of of my life 🙃  

In order to apply, you must have done at least ONE KCA journey with me online or in-person. If you haven’t yet, book an online group session here/  book an in-person group session in Montreal here.  

Looking forward to co-creating together!

xx Ella

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