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June 20, 2024



There’s no questioning how painful and challenging life can be.

One of the most intelligent things our bodies have learned to do to cope, is FREEZE 🥶

And it’s SO valid our default narrative is, “It’s not safe for me to soften because it’ll hurt.”

Because it’s true. 

But what we soon realize is ALSO True, is that the more we close our hearts, freeze our bodies and resist what we FEEL in a moment, the MORE it hurts… incessantly. 

With enough years of doing this, it becomes clear. This pain of gripping onto the ice castle walls around our hearts and hardening to “brace for impact” HURTS more than any acute temporary pain of FULLY FEELING.   

It’s no fun living HARD & FROZEN like a forgotten ice-cream sandwich at the bottom of the freezer. And yet we don’t know any other way. That’s all OK. 

There's so much emotionally we're constantly asked to hold.

Perhaps it’s sitting with the grief and heartbreak of separating from a partner and not knowing where to live or go next 

Or maybe it’s feeling so lost about your purpose & business even after going at it for years and dealing with the the constant “see this is why you’re a failure” voice in your head that’s been bullying you since you were 8. 

Or perhaps you’re feeling the daily chest-constricting stress of “will I make enough money this month?” and worrying about how you will pay rent while unravelling generational traumas and taking care of your kids. 

And witnessing the violence and atrocities in the world that make us want to scream without end…

The list goes on and on and on…

Whatever the MANY things I’m sure you are currently asked to hold, I See you deeply.

I see the way you clench your fists, grit your teeth and limit your inhales and exhales because, “what if it all falls apart?” 

You are so honoured in ALL the waves of fear, doubt, grief, sadness, rage and frustration.

And I simply have some new “what if”s? for us to contemplate… 

What if freezing and hardening were no longer the only options in response to pain? 

What if we no longer had to HOLD IT ALL IN?

What if we no longer had to be the FROZEN HARD ice-cream sandwich in our lives? 

And instead we breathe in, out,

& soften and melt into one with it all?

Because there is sweetness to be tasted in every facet of our humanity.

But we cannot taste it until we're willing to SOFTEN & MELT

Welcome to The Melt!

A 3 Hour Online Teaching & Kundalini Activation Ceremony to Soften Your Heart Like Soft Serve & Melt into the Meltdowns of Life with Surrender & Grace 🍦🫠🌹

On Summer Solstice, the longest day of 2024 where (hopefully 😅) the sun shines BRIGHT over us, we will open up to the WARM downpour of Divine Love & Grace.

We will let this Grace of the Mother MELT away our resistance to FEELING & BEING WITH the pain in our lives, 

MELT our hearts, minds and bodies into sweet compassion and courageous Surrender 

and MELT our finite sense of self back into the Self. 

The 3 Definitions of "Melt"

we will taste & explore together! 😋

A 3 Part Sweet Experience

Part #1 The Cone:

A 60 Minute Teaching Transmission on How to Soften & Melt into Love Through the Pains of Life

Sip your rose lemonade as we lay the foundations of softening our hearts and melting with trust through hardships. We will roll the freshly cooked waffle into our waffle cone of SAFETY & SELF-COMPASSION. This is our container to love and ease where our bodies have been frozen so that our protection mechanisms and fear can gradually melt. We will learn how to meet hurtful and stressful moments of life with more grace, so that instead of tensing and creating more pain when they happen, we can TASTE THE SWEETNESS of the moment instead. 

 Through artful metaphors, storytelling and practical embodiment practices you can integrate in your every day, you will walk away with TANGIBLE ways of responding to life’s pains and challenges in a more loving way. 

And know how to See every meltdown, failure, hardship and heartbreak as a facilitator of your spiritual growth.  

Part #2 The Soft Serve:

A 75 Minute Kundalini Codes Activation (KCA) Journey to Soften & Melt into Divine Grace

We then lie down in a comfortable space and Surrender in a Kundalini Codes Activation (KCA) Journey to profoundly SOFTEN & MELT INTO whatever the Divine Mother has in store for our healing. Conditions are created to amplify your innate Prana-Kundalini life-force energy which helps frozen pains thaw, repressed traumas unwind through an inner dance, Divine Love be felt through the body and consciousness melt and merge with the Self. 

You will be immersed in an intensified Divine Mother Shakti field so that you can have a direct experience of Divine Grace pouring into you and guiding you to SOFTEN, MELT & MERGE. 

Part #3 The Sprinkles:

A Closing Sharing Circle to Witness, Speak & Integrate in Community

The sweetest topping is sharing, witnessing & integrating together in community. There will be a final sharing circle for everyone to speak about what the experience has brought up for them, be Seen & Witnessed for the pains & difficulties they are navigating through and feel the HEALING that happens in COMMUNITY.

It’s through speaking to and hear from others that we realize although we may go through some REAL HARD 💩 in life, we are NEVER going through it ALONE. 

And knowing that alone can radically heal & liberate us. 

Join The Melt Experience 🍦

Investment: $55 USD  

55% (so $30.25 USD) of every ticket will be donated to the Palestine Children Relief Fund (PCRF)’s Gaza Relief & Recovery Campaign to provide humanitarian aid to the children and families in Gaza 🍉


From PCRF:
“Our “Gaza Relief and Recovery” campaign aims to address urgent humanitarian needs and support long-term recovery efforts in Gaza. The funds raised will primarily focus on immediate relief, including providing essential medical supplies, food, medical treatment, clean water, and other necessities for families affected by the conflict. Additionally, our campaign will support rebuilding healthcare facilities and providing long-term support through impactful programs and projects to support the needs of children and the health sector in Gaza. It will also allocate resources towards trauma counseling, mental health support, and other initiatives for children affected by the conflict, aiming to foster healing and resilience within the community.”

You can learn more about the organization and their initiatives here


Join the Kundalini Temple & Get The Melt Experience Included  

If you’re ready to go DEEP & DEVOTE to your Kundalini awakening and healing journey, join us inside the the Kundalini Temple membership  at $99 USD/ month for 6 months, & you will get The Melt included!  🐍 


In the Kundalini Temple, you receive access to…

 a program portal with 180+ Kundalini Yoga & Embodiment Practices & teaching transmissions on embodying the Kundalini transformation in your every day

The out of this world MAGICAL 3 chapter Awakening Sleeping Beauty program on opening your Kundalini life force and cultivating a relationship with the Divine Mother 

2 x online group KCA journeys

1 x group coaching & mentoring call to support your Kundalini and personal healing process 

Surprise bonus Kundalini activation programs & workshops like THIS ONE 💖

55% of Your Kundalini Temple First Month’s Payment will be donated to the PCRF  

$54.45 USD will be donated from your first month’s payment

Looking forward to co-creating, softening and MELTING with you!

xx Ella 

When you soften and melt, that's where there is SPACE within you to be filled up by Divine Grace

A Few Key Notes

1) The Kundalini Awakening process is not just a one time event that permanently takes away all your problems. It is an accelerated path to healing and a rewarding life-long journey that deepens without a “destination”. This experience is NOT for giving you an “instant full Kundalini awakening”. This session is about cultivating the mind, body & heart foundations for your Kundalini Shakti to open in Her Divine timing & to nurture your connection with Her as the Divine Mother. So you can DANCE through all of life with Her. If you already have active Kundalini, you will further develop your vessel to hold the energy & learn how to deepen your surrender with love in your every day. 


2) In KCA Journeys, we are working specifically with a resonance of Prana-Shakti / Prana-Kundalini frequency which enhances the flow of your body’s existing life force. Prana is the vital force manifestation of Kundalini & the vehicle through which Kundalini’s dynamic consciousness travels within the body. KCA Journeys are not focused on awakening Kundalini in a single session, but rather clearing the energetic pathways & activating the unique CODES for your Kundalini Shakti to activate & move in Her Divine timing. 

3) The best way to approach journeying with Kundalini is through openness, curiosity, & faith. The Divine Mother intelligence is wise beyond anything our minds can fathom. If you feel called to join the retreat, there are gifts awaiting for you here that will be more easily received with openness rather than specific expectations. 

Meet Ella Tsang

Hello my love! I am soul honoured to be your guide!

It’s been 6 years since Kundalini Shakti found me & whisked me away on a beautiful AND painful AF journey of coming Home to myself & to the Divine Mother. It all started with seeing signs of “Kundalini” everywhere I went – leading me to my first Kundalini Yoga class that had me melted in a puddle of tears. For the first time ever, I felt a sense of peace & homecoming that I’ve never felt in my entire life. 

Since 2018, I’ve been practicing Kundalini Yoga & have since become a KRI Level One Kundalini Yoga Teacher, NLP Trainer & Kundalini Energy Activation Facilitator. I had an intense Kundalini awakening experience July 2020, which then guided me to receiving Kundalini energy transmissions & studying Kundalini energy & bodywork. 

My path as a Kundalini Energy Activation Facilitator opened up when my Dad was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer May 2022. Out of pure LOVE to help him & complete Surrender to the Divine Mother, my Dad became the first person I ever held space for in a KCA session & witnessed a rapid Prana-Shakti amplification with. 

Today, I lead humbly as a servant to the Divine Mother, & am grateful to share Prana-Kundalini healing frequencies from both the Divine Mother Sophia Isis-Magdalene Rose Lineage and my ancestral Taoist Lineage.

My work is centered around guiding you back into SAFETY in your body, showing you how to develop loving relationships with all parts of yourself, teaching you how to become a heart-led facilitator of change & showing you how to lead yourself with open-hearted power through the trials of life. 

… all through a trauma-informed lens of Kundalini activation, Kundalini Yoga & embodiment & somatic-based coaching 



Curious about the right & left hand paths to Kundalini activation?

The Right Hand Path

involves Kundalini kriyas & pranayama (physical practice & breathwork) to strengthen the nervous system & initiate the body’s natural clearing process for Kundalini energy to move. Kundalini Codes Embodiment (KCE) is a blend of traditional Kundalini Yoga kriya practices, breathwork, mantra & intuitive movement to lead the mind, body & spirit into a ceremonial healing journey.

Intentional music plays a huge role in activating dormant emotions & stimulating cathartic releases & transformation.

* Here’s a 13 minute practice for a taste of Kundalini Codes Embodiment! *


is Kundalini Energy Activation. This is built upon the Inner Dance by Pi Villaraza& is a surrender-based practice to opening the Kundalini Prana-Shakti life force within. Using brain-wave shifting sound that induces a psychedelic state of consciousness & channelling a frequency of Kundalini & Light Language supported by the Isis-Magdalene Rose Lineage, we create the conditions to self-activate our innate life-force & cultivate the SPACE for Kundalini Shakti Grace to awaken inside us. 

This process facilitates profound emotional releases, expands one’s consciousness, opens the heart & catalyzes a deep nervous system rewiring to shed old patterns & stories.

In this interview I did, I share about the weaving of the Right & Left hand paths & how specifically Kundalini Energy Activations work. 

Testimonials from Beautiful Souls I've Walked With

Tune into some feedback from the lovely humans I’ve had the honour of walking with on the Kundalini path in the KCA Facilitator Training, in the Kundalini Temple & in KCA Journeys! 

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